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Maybe Analytics is not the Future for Operations Research

There is a lot of discussion on the role the word “analytics” should play in operations research. As a field, we have always had a bit of an identity issue. Perhaps “analytics” is the way we should go. Generally, I am supportive of this: I am part of a group that put together a “Business […]

Yet More Tag Clouds

@polybot on twitter pointed to the Tagxedo site, a site that creates displays of words, kinda like Wordle.  There are a zillion choices (and even a presentation on 101 things you can do with Tagxedo).  Here are a few I generated while Alexander did homework and I watched football on a rainy Sunday. What is […]

Visualization of Visualizations

Stuart Mitchell, a buddy from my New Zealand year (and I hope soon a coauthor), passed along a neat “Periodic Table of Visualization Methods” from  If you mouse over each box, you get a quick picture of a particular type of visualization.  Given my own biases, I am very taken with the “information visualizations” […]