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Sheldon Jacobson and OR Videos

The October, 2007 issue of OR/MS Today has a short article by Sheldon Jacobson of the University of Illinois on creating videos about the work he and his lab does. There are two videos: one on pediatric vaccines and one on airline security (I love the variety of work you can do in OR!) (they […]

INFORMS and YouTube videos

INFORMS has some videos on YouTube from the recent Edelman Awards. This is great for the field. The three videos are General OR, and the Edelman Award The 2007 Award (on more efficient ways to attack prostate cancer) A detailed video on the 2006 award (Warner Robbins on repairing planes) So far the videos have […]

Videos and Operations Research

Dick Larson has a very nice editorial in the April 2007 OR/MS Today on the use of videos in disseminating information about our field. One big point he makes is that the Edelman videos, a tremendous resource for our field, are not easily and freely available. This frustrates the heck out of me too! I […]