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Constraint Programming Makes the Big Time

The current PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) comic (a comic written around the lives of doctoral and postdoc students:  I fear I see too much of Dr. Smith in me!) revolves around Constraint Programming as applied to wedding planning.  Karin Petrie, a well known constraint programmer, had lunch with the author of PhD, and I […]

Netherlands Railway Edelman summary

I just got out of the “reprise” of the winning Edelman prize work by Netherlands Railways, and it was very, very good. If you have been to the Netherlands, they have a very nice way of handling their trains:  every route repeats every hour.  So if you want to go from Utrecht to Amsterdam, there […]

Call for Short Papers, CP-AI-OR 2008

I am co-program chair for CP-AI-OR 2008 to be held in May in Paris.  This year, we decided to allow “short papers” primarily to encourage presentation of preliminary work or work that might have appeared in another outlet but would still be of interest to the CP-AI/OR community.  If you aren’t familiar with CP-AI/OR, it […]

ISI and Conferences

ISI from Thompson Scientific might be seen as just another scientific article indexing service, just like Google Scholar, Citeseer and many others. But it has a much stronger effect: many universities only “count” ISI-indexed publications. In mainstream operations research, this doesn’t have a very strong effect. Most well-known OR journals are ISI-indexed, and those that […]

Getting cheaper boats and ships

I am in Providence attending this year’s Constraint Programming conference. I’m on the executive and we have developed new bylaws, so instead of listening to all the talks, I am involved in discussions on the minutia of quorums and transition rules. Still, there is some time for the conference itself. I just saw a terrific […]

Navigating an INFORMS Meeting

Well, the INFORMS Pittsburgh Meeting is about to begin. The weather looks like it will be fine (no hurricanes like in Miami a few years back!). It is cool tonight (Saturday) but should get a bit warmer for most of the meeting. At the Doctoral Colloquium tonight, INFORMS President Mark Daskin made some good points […]

Constraint Programming and Google Scholar

I am in Cork, Ireland for this year’s CP/AI-OR conference. This is a conference series that revolves around issues that constraint programming and operations research have in common: integration of techniques, applications, software systems and so on. I really like this conference series (disclosure: I am on the steering committee for the conference, so I […]

Future of Constraint Programming

I find constraint programming to be an interesting field. A lot of the work in the area is really operations research (in my view): problems are modelled within a particular structure, and solutions are then found to the models. Most constraint programmers don’t consider themselves in OR, preferring to stay within the computer science world. […]

Want to learn more about Constraint Programming?

Thom Frühwirth and Slim Abdennadher have a book called “Essentials of Constraint Programming”. Best of all, Thom has more than 400 powerpoint slides on his website to supplement the book.

Happenings in Cork

I have just returned from a site visit to the Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C: it’s a pun, don’t you know) in Cork Ireland, where I am on the advisory board. Ireland is a country that seems to have its government investments set up well. A few years ago, they a identified Gene Freuder as […]