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INFORMS: 30,000 members or 5,000?

When I was elected President of INFORMS in 2000 (my Presidential Year was 2002:  they ease you into the job!), I was very proud to become President of a 14,000 member society (at the age of 42:  don’t let the grey hair fool you).  14,000?  Actually probably 12,000.  Maybe 11,500.  Where did all the members […]

Are USENET groups irrelevant?

Long before the web, there was Usenet, an internationally distributed discussion system.  Through Usenet, people could discuss topics of interest, with topics  organized in a shallow tree structure.  In the pre-web days, it was exciting to talk to people around the world, back at a time where even having an email address was not to […]

Bernie Madoff and Data Visualization

If you are like most people, when you hear of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme ripping off investors to the tune of $50 billion, you might think “Oh those poor investors”, or perhaps “Just the rich ripping off the other rich”.  If you do research in a business school, you might wonder about the institutional controls […]

Giving Talks

I am in Auburn Alabama where I just gave a talk to the industrial and systems engineering department on sports scheduling.  I must say that when I left Pittsburgh this morning, I had somewhat mixed feelings.  Of course, I love giving talks, and it is great to go out and see a university I have […]

Disaster in the making, and averted

According to the New York Times, I am unlikely to be a successful researcher in my chosen field of operations research. The reason? No, not due to an insufficient mathematical grounding, or a fuzzy understanding of methods of symmetry breaking for integer programs, but rather due to a social effect: I like to drink beer. […]

Navigating an INFORMS Meeting

Well, the INFORMS Pittsburgh Meeting is about to begin. The weather looks like it will be fine (no hurricanes like in Miami a few years back!). It is cool tonight (Saturday) but should get a bit warmer for most of the meeting. At the Doctoral Colloquium tonight, INFORMS President Mark Daskin made some good points […]

EURO and the Society of Operations Research

I am about to give a talk at the EURO meeting on the Society of Operations Research. This is an expanded version of a social capital and OR talk I have been giving over the last few years. About half the material is new. Here is the powerpoint for those interested.

The Community of Operations Research

For the past three or four years, I have given a talk at the INFORMS Doctoral Colloquium about the importance of social capital in a successful career. This talk is based on the book Bowling Alone by Putnam which argued that society (particularly US society) is becoming more detached, with fewer people engaged in the […]