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{ Monthly Archives } December 2005

Does your library have all the INFORMS Journals?

INFORMS is running a grass-roots effort to get more libraries to carry INFORMS journals. They have a neat setup that you can check if your (university) library carries every journal. You can even email your librarian to encourage subscriptions. Most libraries are cutting back on journals, partially due to some extremely high prices on journals. […]

Sad News from India

From the Indian Express: Terror struck an international conference at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus on Wednesday night killing a retired Mathematics professor from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, M.C. Puri, and seriously injuring four others including one of the inventors of the Simputer, Prof Vijay Chandru from IISc. The attack was, […]

Happy (belated) Christmas

I was off in Germany for the last week, without an internet connection. Hope you all had an optimal Christmas!

Christmas and OR

It is Christmas time, so lots of people are waiting in line, and talking about it. Naturally, this leads to some OR related articles. Ivars Peterson in his Math Trek column at Science News talks about parking strategies: do you park and walk, or cycle through hoping for a better spot (seems the better is […]

OR and Suicide Bombs

This past weekend, the NY Times Magazine in its annual Ideas issue reports on Ed Kaplan’s work with Moshe Kress on damage done by suicide bombers. Here is an excerpt: Even if you manage to detect a suicide bomber, what do you do next? This question was taken up by Edward H. Kaplan, a professor […]

Book blurb

Springer has just published a new book containing introductory tutorials on a range of optimization subjects: Search Methodologies: Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques. Of course, I have a vested interest: Bob Bosch and I wrote the Integer Programming chapter, which I think came out quite nice!

Wikipedia and Operations Research

Wikipedia is in the news, due to some inaccurate/obnoxious/insulting entries regarding a journalist and alleged involvement in the Kennedy assassinations. Wikipedia is an interesting effort to harness the knowledge and energy of hundreds of thousands of people to form a new type of encyclopedia. The key aspect is the ability to freely enter information (or […]

More on Scientific Publishing

Wired magazine pointed me to, which is fascinating! There was a posting relevant to issues of publishing science which seems very relevant to OR: Science is done by scientists, who write it up. Then a press release is written by a non-scientist, who runs it by their non-scientist boss, who then sends it to […]