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{ Monthly Archives } February 2006

Passing of Joan Wingo

The field of operations research is full of unsung heros: people who make the field better by doing their jobs with enthusiasm, creativity, and skill. If you have published in Operations Research over the last six years, or if you have read and admired papers in that journal, you will have seen the work of […]

New Editors at Operations Research

The INFORMS journal Operations Research has a new editorial board, led by Editor-in-Chief David Simchi-Levi. David asked me to take on the area of OR Forum. I was hesitant to take on an editorial duty (handling papers has turned out to be an Achilles heel of mine), but the opportunity to handle papers that inspire […]

PhD salaries

Forbes magazine has an article about the lack of mathematically trained US workers. Most of the article is about outsourcing, but the issue of starting salaries came up: A person fresh from graduate school with a Ph.D. in operations research can make $90,000 at SAS Institute–far less than the $150,000-plus salaries top MBAs can command. […]

Doing research already done?

The New York Times has a nice article about how research is often rediscovered. The lead begins about operations research: In 1996, Rakesh Vohra, a professor at Northwestern University, and his colleague Dean Foster published “A Randomized Rule for Selecting Forecasts,” a paper in the journal Operations Research. It illustrated how a random investor could […]