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New paper at the OR Forum: Little’s Law

There is a new paper at the OR Forum area of Operations Research.  It has been 50 years since the publication of “Little’s Law” (roughly, the length of a queue is the arrival rate rate into the queue times the average wait, so if 5 people per hour arrive into a queue, and the average […]

New Article at the OR Forum

There is a new article at the the OR Forum (part of the journal Operations Research) on High Leverage Interventions: how can operations research have more impact? David Lane of the London School of Economics describes three historical cases and draws some conclusions from them for today’s issues. You can read the paper and the […]

Homeland Security at the OR Forum

The OR Forum area of Operations Research has a new paper and commentaries published on the topic “Homeland Security: From Mathematical Models to Policy Implementation”.  The paper is by Larry Wein, with commentaries by Dick Larson, Eva Lee, Nathaniel Hupert (a doctor in public health) and Dave Alderson.  I think it is a very interesting […]

OR Forum Paper on Retailing

The OR Forum (part of the journal Operations Research) has just put out a new paper:  Marshall Fisher on “Rocket Science Retailing”: In the May-June, 2009 issue of Operations Research, Marshall Fisher, UPS Transportation Professor for the Private Sector at the Wharton School, discusses his experiences with the Consortium for Operational Excellence in Retailing. This […]

OR Forum paper on Personal Decisions

There is a new paper and discussion at the OR Forum.  Raph Keeney published  a neat paper entitled “Personal Decisions are the Leading Cause of Death” in Operations Research, where he argues that the choices people make (eating, drinking, etc.) cause more deaths than anything else.  There are some very insightful commentaries about this, and […]

New OR Forum Paper on Network Science

Dave Alderson of the Naval Postgraduate School has written a very nice article on Network Science and why operations research people should be interested in it.  The paper forms the basis for an “OR Forum” discussion.  Be sure to check it out, and perhaps provide some comments on either the paper or the invited commentary.

OR Forum on SWOT for Operations Research

There is a new paper in the OR Forum area of the journal Operations Research. Written by ManMohan Sodhi and Chris Tang, it is entitled “The OR/MS Ecosystem: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats” and analyzes the state of the field, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between academia and practice. Check out the paper […]

OR Forum Paper on Influenza released

As one of my hats, I am the Area Editor for Operations Research responsible for the OR Forum. This area tries to attract contentious or provocative papers on topics in OR of broad interest. We have just published our second paper in the Area: a work by Dick Larson of MIT on influenza modeling. You […]

Launch of OR Forum

About a year ago, I became the Area Editor for the OR Forum for the journal Operations Research.  The purpose of the Forum is given in my editorial statement: The OR Forum area invites work that challenges the reader to consider and evaluate the status of past, present, or future prospects and challenges within the […]

Passing of Joan Wingo

The field of operations research is full of unsung heros: people who make the field better by doing their jobs with enthusiasm, creativity, and skill. If you have published in Operations Research over the last six years, or if you have read and admired papers in that journal, you will have seen the work of […]