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{ Monthly Archives } August 2006

Logistica Design

Michael Cole of Montana State University has a blog entitled Logistica-Design, covering issues related to the design and analysis of logistics systems. I particularly like his pointer to pictures of overloaded vehicles: I can see those ending up in a lot of presentations this year!

INFORMS Computing Society Conference

The INFORMS Computing Society Conference will hold their annual meeting in Miami from January 3-5, 2007. While ICS has a large contingent at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, this conference has a much different feel. Rather than being part of a 3500 person conference, the ICS Conference aims for around 100-150 participants, all interested in the […]

President Clinton, AIDS and Operations Research

It is heartening to see former President Clinton talk about “Operations Research” and even better to see outside groups see the promise of our field. At an address at the 16th Annual International AIDS Conference, President Clinton announced a new Consortium for Strategic HIV Operations Research. From the transcript (page 13/14): Second point I want […]

The Blue Ball Production Problem

It’s course preparation time again. For those of you teaching production or scheduling, if you are looking for a graphic to show the need for split-second planning in certain production processes, I highly recommend the Blue Ball Machine. Hypnotic! From Wired Magazine: A Rube Goldberg machine made of animated tiles, with hundreds of blue balls […]

More on Air Taxis

My friend and business partner (in sports scheduling), George Nemhauser, read my post on air taxis and wrote to remind me that Georgia Tech worked with DayJet on the optimization issues that are key to the efficient running of their operation. This led me to an USA Today article by Kevin Maney that I had […]