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{ Monthly Archives } February 2007

Blogs and Labs

Why don’t more research labs have blogs? Most of us are passionate about our fields and our perspective on the world. For instance, I really believe operations research is a great way to view the world, and I trust that comes out through the blog. David Goldberg of the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems […]

The BBC and queues

The BBC has an economics editor named Evan Davis who has a blog on understanding the real world using the tool kit of economics. There are two recent entries (here and here) on queueing results. Now the English are famous for their queueing discipline, but Davis is concerned with two examples of “non-obvious” queues: road […]

MIT Conference on Sports Business

MIT is holding a conference this weekend on Sports Business (unfortunately it is sold out) with a focus on Analytical Sports Management. This workshop is an interesting mix of sports insiders, economists, operations researchers, media executives and more, with a strong emphasis on those in the business. No talks directly on scheduling (my particular emphasis) […]

Brenda Dietrich in Fast Company

Brenda Dietrich,  President of INFORMS and head of Math Sciences at IBM Watson Research is profiled in Fast Company this month.  Some wonderful stories: If you’re not a mathematician, the deep math that Dietrich and her team perform sounds utterly foreign–combinatorial auctions, integer programming, conditional logic, and so on. Their whiteboard scribbles at Watson look […]

Do Operations Research, win $1 million

Art Geoffrion wrote me, pointing out that the Netflix Prize is a great opportunity for OR people to show their stuff. Netflix is offering up to $1 million for a system that predicts whether a customer will like a movie or not. They have made available a wonderful database of 100,000 ratings. Lots of people […]