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{ Monthly Archives } March 2007

Algorithms in the Attic

The February 2007 issue of the Harvard Business Review has an article on “Breakthrough Ideas for 2007” (sorry, pay-only link: HBR isn’t much for making stuff available for free). One of the breakthrough ideas is given by Michael Schrage of the MIT Media Lab under the title “Algorithms in the Attic”, a play on the […]

Math, Poker, and Perfectly Reasonable Deviations

The Math and Poker blog is one I like to go to periodically (not the least because I am part of his blogroll). The thing I like best is the use of simple probability/queueing/stochastic systems to point out the misconceptions of many gamblers. A little probability goes a long way, but it seems that many […]

Linda Green on OR in Healthcare

Linda Green of Columbia University was here (Auckland) today and gave a talk on the use of operations research in the health care industry. Most of her presentation was on simple queueing models to gain insight into capacity and scheduling for healthcare. Some of this work has recently been covered in Business Week. One simple […]

NCAA Tournament and Operations Research

It is time again for the year’s best sports event: the NCAA college basketball tournament. 65 teams in a single elimination tournament held over 3 successive weekends, with the winner taking all. Picking the teams for the tournament is a favorite conversation topic over coffee and beers (not that most of us can distinguish among […]

Optimizing Airline routes

Thanks to Chad, a Tepper MBA student, who pointed out the the Wall Street Journal of March 6, 2007 has an article on optimizing international airline routes. It turns out that countries have complicated costs for airplanes flying in their space, and rerouting the planes can lead to pretty significant savings (on the order of […]

More on Genetic Algorithms

After the last posting on David Goldberg’s lab, I note another genetic algorithms oriented blog in the Genetic Argonaut by Marcelo di Brito. The current post is on optimizing the shape of a lens. The article gives a detailed description of a nice experiment to find the best lens with a variety of genetic algorithm-based […]