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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010

Optimizing Discounts with Data Mining

The New York Times has an article today about tailoring discounts to individuals.    They concentrated on Sam’s Club, a warehouse chain.  Sam’s Club is a good place for this sort of individual discounting since you have to be a member to shop there, and your membership is associated with every purchase you make.  So Sam’s […]

World Cup Forecast Pool, with a Twist

The Brazilian Society of Operations Research is organizing a competition for predicting the results of the group stage at the upcoming World Cup.  If you have to ask for which sport, you probably aren’t the target audience:  it is for football (aka soccer).  Many sites have such pools for many sports:  for US college basketball, […]

Martin Gardner has Passed Away

Martin Gardner has passed away.  I know I am not the only person in operations research who was inspired by Gardner’s Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American.  I have a strong memory of whiling away long high school physics classes reading Gardner’s columns (and thankful that patient and insightful physics teacher had a stack of […]

Culling Journals Time!

It is that time of the year when our librarian asks us to consider whether or not to continue subscribing to journals.  In the past, journals have been identified by “percentage increase” with the idea that those whose increase is high need special attention to determine if they are still valuable.  This assumes that we […]