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{ Monthly Archives } January 2011

How Operations Research Helps Me Understand Politics and Voting

Over the years, operations research, politics, and voting have intersected often for me. Going back almost 25 years now, I have done research on voting systems. I have blogged on elections, and written about predicting results and presenting results. I have written about political leaders who were trained in operations research, and even countries run […]

The Sexiness of Integer Programming

Suresh Venkatasubramanian, of the excellent Geomblog, is at SODA and covered some preconference conferences. When covering a paper that used integer programming (via CPLEX), his comment was: It’s not the “sexiest” thing in the world to solve algorithms problems in practice by using large industrial strength packages. Oh, he didn’t say that, did he? I […]

OR Job at Waste Management

I don’t normally do job postings on this blog:  there is OR/MS Today and INFORMS Job Placement Service and so on for that, but sometimes a job catches my eye.  A company is looking for a Masters level OR specialist to provide analysis for them.  They run a nice sized network:  hundreds of sources and […]

IJCAI 2011

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Barcelona, Spain July 16-22, 2011

CP 2011

Constraint Programming Perugia, Italy September 12-16, 2011


Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research Berlin, Germany May 23-27, 2011

MISTA 2011

Multidisciplinary International Scheduling Conference Tempe, AZ August 9-12, 2011

IPCO 2011

Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization IBM Watson Yorktown Heights, NY June 15-17, 2011

IFORS Trienniel Meeting

International Federation of Operational Research Societies July 10-15, 2011 Melbourne, Australia

INFORMS Annual Meeting

November 13-16, 2011 Charlotte, NC