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Different Mores for Different Fields

In the wake of the discussion of how different fields have different measures of evaluation (a view I am not 100% on board with: if a subgroup chooses a method of evaluation antithetical to the mores of the rest of academe, don’t be surprised if the group gets little respect outside their narrow group), it […]

Conference Proceedings are Not Enough

In much of operations research, a conference is simply an opportunity to give a talk on recent research.  At INFORMS, EURO, IFORS and many other conferences, there are no printed proceedings, and no real record of what was presented in a talk.  While giving a talk is useful, it doesn’t really count for much in […]

Humanitarian Operations Research

Two and a half years ago, I spent a sabbatical year in New Zealand.  I had a great year, and very much enjoyed the vibrant research life at the University of Auckland, and the even more interesting life of living in New Zealand (you can check out my blog from the year, and perhaps especially […]

Closed Loop Supply Chains

There is a new paper on the OR Forum by Dan Guide and Luk Van Wassenhove that looks at the research trajectory of “Closed Loops Supply Chains”.  Closed loop supply chains are supply chains where there is at least as much interest in getting things from the customer to the supplier as vice versa.  Sometimes […]

New blog and new journal

A new blog by Bill Hart of Sandia National Labs reminds me that there is also an exciting new journal about to begin.  From Bill’s blog: I have recently joined the editorial board of the new journal Mathematical Programming Computation, which publishes original research articles that are at the intersection of math programming and computing. […]

Citations in Management Science and Operations Research

The Tepper School, in its promotion and tenure cases, has had more conversation about (if not emphasis on) citation counts for papers. This is partially a “Google Scholar” effect: the easier it is to find some data, the more people will rely on that data. Those of us who bring notebook computers to the tenure […]

ISI and Conferences

ISI from Thompson Scientific might be seen as just another scientific article indexing service, just like Google Scholar, Citeseer and many others. But it has a much stronger effect: many universities only “count” ISI-indexed publications. In mainstream operations research, this doesn’t have a very strong effect. Most well-known OR journals are ISI-indexed, and those that […]

Looking for an Editor

International Transactions of Operational Research is looking its next editor. I chair the search committee. We just did a review of the journal, and I think it offers an interesting opportunity to the right person. The key is trying to make the journal not just a “me-too” journal, taking the rejects from higher-ranked journals. The […]