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{ Monthly Archives } March 2006

David Simchi-Levi Presentation

David Simchi-Levi is here at CMU today speaking on inventory systems where the decision maker is not risk neutral. David is a professor at MIT and Editor-in-Chief of Operations Research. He also runs his own company, LogicTools. I think he has given up sleep. It is surprising that there is so little research on risk-averse […]

A Stonewall Connection to Operational Research

My parents grew up on farms outside a then-small (now medium) sized town in Manitoba named Stonewall. For a period in the early 1900s, a boy named Charles Goodeve lived in Stonewall. He lived there for about 10 years, before his family moved to Winnipeg. There is an article in the Stonewall Argus (the Gordon […]

Tournament Time!

The NCAA Tournament is irresistable to OR types. Predicting the tournament has proven a rich area of application. Jay Coleman of the University of North Florida has a scorecard approach that gives probabilities of wins for every game in the first round. For three of the 32 games, his approach favors the lower seeded team […]

Operations Research and CIOs

United Airlines now has a CIO who is also responsible for operations research and other activities. This seems a natural, if somewhat unusual move (OR is often under manufacturing, operations or some other structure). OR is all about using information, and as firms realize the value of information (and CIOs) is in their ability to […]

Applied Mathematical Programming

One of my all time favorite textbooks is Applied Mathematical Programming by Bradley, Hax, and Magnanti. This text is now available on the web!