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{ Monthly Archives } July 2007

LinkedIn and Operations Research

Don Kleinmuntz of Strata Decision Technology and USC has made a concerted effort to get people in operations research to join LinkedIn. Since Don was a founding co-editor of Decision Analysis and has been Treasurer for INFORMS among many other jobs, he has an extensive contact list, and a number of us have joined. I […]

Famous OR Ph.D.s and authors?

I see that Brian May, guitarist for dinosaur rock group Queen (“Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We are the Champions”, etc.) is finishing off his doctoral dissertation in astrophysics. Nice to have something if that rock ‘n roll thing doesn’t work out. At the recent “Georgefest” celebration of George Nemhauser’s 70th birthday, dinner conversation (for Ralph Gomory, Tom […]

OR in Comics

I sometimes fantasize about writing the Great American Novel (New Zealand version).  In such a novel, naturally the hero would use operations research to achieve success and insight.  But when I think about such a novel, my imagination fails me:  how can I possibly make OR interesting in the context of fiction? She:  Oh Biff, […]

Getting dumber?

Stephen Baker at Business Week points to a post by Jeff Jonas on how companies are generating so much data so quickly that companies can’t make sense of it, leading to “enterprise-amnesia“.  Both use this as a call for faster, smarter algorithms.  Now far be it for me to be negative about such a cry […]

Conference reviews, in perspective

I am just back from Prague: after another 36 hour travel marathon, I think it will take a day or so for my brain to catch up with me! While I was gone, Scott Aaronson, a graduating doctoral student in quantum computing, had a brilliant article on computer science conference reviewing. From the 1936 Foundations […]

IFORS Distinguished Lecturer

I am at the closing session of EURO. This year’s conference was huge with more than 2000 participants. I did attend a good amount of the conference, though Prague has its own attractions. EURO (along with INFORMS, ALIO, and APORS) have a plenary given by the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer (I chair the committee that recommends […]

EURO Gold Medal winner

The EURO conference in Prague has begun. I really like Prague: it is a beautiful city with great bars, restaurants, museums, and even an OK english-language bookstore or two. The first order of business here is the opening session (somewhat after the truly first, 8AM technical talks). Awarded at the opening session is the EURO […]

On my way to Prague

I’m in the Hong Kong airport on the way from Auckland to Prague. I have about 22 more hours to go before I arrive at my hotel. It is great spending a year in New Zealand, but it is definitely a long way from anywhere! Hong Kong airport is beautiful and incredibly well organized. I […]