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{ Monthly Archives } October 2007

Sheldon Jacobson and OR Videos

The October, 2007 issue of OR/MS Today has a short article by Sheldon Jacobson of the University of Illinois on creating videos about the work he and his lab does. There are two videos: one on pediatric vaccines and one on airline security (I love the variety of work you can do in OR!) (they […]

Australian Society for OR

Melbourne, Australia

OR Society of New Zealand

Auckland, NZ 


Washington, DC

CP 2008

Sydney, Australia

IFORS 2008

Sandton (Johannesburg), South Africa


Paris, France

PATAT 2008

Montreal, Canada

Happy Birthday to the Blog

This blog is now two years old. One year ago, I wrote I’ve had 92 posts (93 counting this one) in that year, which seems like a reasonable number.I’ve had about 8000 visitors to the blog, which seems pretty good. Not up with the big boys (sites like BoingBoing) with millions of visitors, but ahead […]

Student finds small Turing machine

I wrote previously about a competition Stephen Wolfram (of Mathematica fame) had to show that a particularly small Turing Machine (the “2,3 Turing Machine”) is universal. Sure enough it is, as shown by a University of Birmingham (UK) student, Alex Smith, as reported in Nature. This machine, as shown in a diagram from Wolfram’s blog […]