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OR at P&G

Let me be late in the OR blogging game and note that there is a great article on operations research at Proctor and Gamble on bnet. It is wonderful advertising for our field, including phrases like “P&G’s Killer Apps in OR”. INFORMS was strongly involved in the article, with quotes from Past-President Brenda Dietrich and Executive Director Mark Doherty:

P&G, GE, Merrill Lynch, UPS — the list of Fortune 500 companies getting into the OR game is expanding, says Mark Doherty, executive director of the Hanover, MD-based Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS), an OR think tank. “In the private sector, OR is the secret weapon that helps companies tackle complex problems in manufacturing, supply chain management, health care, and transportation,” he says. “In government, OR helps the military create and evaluate strategies. It also helps the Department of Homeland Security develop models of terrorist threats. That’s why OR is increasingly referred to as the ‘science of better.’”

Having sat in on a few too many board meetings, I think calling INFORMS an “OR think tank” is going a little far. But the article does project the very best vision of our field.

Check out another take on the article at Punk Rock Operations Research (and I thought I saw it on another OR blog, but it escapes me at the moment).

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