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{ Monthly Archives } September 2008

Robert Smith new NSF OR Program Director

Robert Smith of the University of Michigan is the new program director for OR at the National Science Foundation. If you see him, be sure to congratulate him, and ask him for some money!

Another look at OR and US Presidential Elections

Mike Sheppard of Michigan State has a wonderful page that answers the question:  For each US Presidential Election, how few votes needed to change in order to reverse the result?  Most of us remember that in Bush-Gore 2000, just a few hundred Floridians needed to change their vote (269 by the official count:  I won’t […]

Meet Steve Baker at INFORMS

Steve Baker, Business Week writer and author of The Numerati, will be signing books at the INFORMS conference Sunday evening reception, starting around 7:30PM.  Be sure to stop by and chat with Steve for a bit:  he is full of great stories on how data is being used to predict individual behavior, for good and […]

The Price of Anarchy

Most days, I go out for coffee two or three times with a gang of economists and finance professors.  As “the OR guy”, my role is generally to ask a few dumb questions, so they can patiently explain some economic effect, at which point one of them will disagree with the other, and they will […]

Further Consolidation of Optimization Companies

i2 Technologies is going to be acquired by JDA Software for $346 million, continuing a wave of acquisitions in the optimization world (including ILOG and Dash). While this acquisition stays within the “supply chain optimization” space, it does cut down on the number of independent players. Manufacturing Business Technology makes an excellent point in the […]