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{ Monthly Archives } November 2008

Solving real problems in Norway and Ireland

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Europe and visited two different (yet similar) research groups. The first was in Oslo, Norway, where I visited the applied math group at SINTEF. I think the best US analogy to SINTEF is the RAND Corporation, a name with cold-war connotations, but still very active in providing […]

Need for Parallelism

The operations research world is crying out for better parallel approaches to our problems. Note that for $10,000, you can buy a NVIDIA Tesla Personal Supercomputer, with speeds up to 4 teraflops (which, unless I am reading the graph wrong, easily puts it in the top 500 supercomputers at Top 500). The catch? You get […]

Doing Good with Good OR

INFORMS is sponsoring a student project competition for projects having significant societal impact.  I know there is a lot of great work going on using OR to do things like route Meals-on-Wheels trucks, site ambulances, improve blood collection practices and so on.  Let’s see what is out there!  Application deadline for the competition has been […]

New OR Forum Paper on Network Science

Dave Alderson of the Naval Postgraduate School has written a very nice article on Network Science and why operations research people should be interested in it.  The paper forms the basis for an “OR Forum” discussion.  Be sure to check it out, and perhaps provide some comments on either the paper or the invited commentary.

IBM and ILOG merger cleared by EU

The EU cleared the proposed merger between IBM and ILOG.  From the announcement: Therefore, the condition regarding receipt of all necessary antitrust clearances, approvals and decisions from the European Union has been fulfilled and there are no remaining regulatory approvals or conditions to which the tender offers are subject other than the minimum tender condition […]

Presenting results and the election

In operations research, we often have problems presenting our results in a reasonably provocative yet accurate way.  I swear I have spent 10% of my life sitting through powerpoint tables with the presenter saying “Well, you can’t really see the numbers but they really show my approach is better” (and perhaps I spent a further […]

Off on a trip

I leave tomorrow for Europe (flying the new airline Open Skies to Amsterdam).  I first go to Oslo to visit Sintef then off to Cork for a visit to my favorite research institute 4C.  I am sure I’ll find something to blog about during the week!

Electoral College Power

There is an op-ed piece in today’s New York Times entitled “How Much is Your Vote Worth?” by Sarah Cowan, Stephen Doyle and Drew Heffron. Doyle and Heffron are graphic designers, which explains the lovely graphic: Beautiful graphic, making it clear that the worth of a vote is far higher in smaller states. Unfortunately, the […]