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{ Monthly Archives } September 2009

Models, Information, and Market Rationality

I have come across a couple of items recently involving market rationality and the ability of the market to reflect “unknown” information.  The first came in a conversation with my colleague Bryan Routledge.  Harkening back to the Challenger disaster, Bryan mentioned that “the market” quickly determined the company that caused the failure (all this is […]


CPAIOR 2010 Bologna, Italy June 14-18

Best Place for Undergraduate Engineering?

No, I am not going back to get a bachelor’s degree (actually, only my graduate degrees are in industrial engineering:  my bachelor’s is in math and computer science, so maybe I should go back!).  The son of a colleague of mine is planning to take engineering and wonders where to go. In my mind, one […]

Show Off Your Best Work in Operations Research Practice

I am a huge fan of the Franz  Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences (best work in operations research practice) given by INFORMS.  The applications are uniformly inspiring and the presentations go way, way beyond the norm for our field.  The full papers, published every January in Interfaces, are ones […]

And the Winner of the Netflix Prize is …

BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos!  While The Ensemble nipped BPC at the wire for the public test sets, the BellKor team did better on the hidden test set.  From the announcement: Team BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos edged out team The Ensemble with the winning submission coming just 24 minutes before the conclusion of the nearly three-year-long contest.  Historically […]

The True Measure of a Person’s Real Worth

Inspired by Jon Cryer‘s comments on (finally) winning an Emmy last night: You know, I used to think that awards were just shallow tokens of momentary popularity but — I realize they are the only true measure of person’s real worth as a human being. I thought I would ‘fess up about an award or […]

Become Famous by Winning the COIN-OR Cup!

Do you use COIN-OR (open source software for operations research)?  According to the log files, lots and lots of people do!  If you are doing something interesting with COIN-OR and are planning to attend the San Diego INFORMS Meeting, I strongly encourage you to enter the COIN-OR Cup!  You could join John Forrest, Jonathan Eckstein+Bill […]

Operations Research Running Countries

In the wake of the new Japanese Prime Minister having a doctorate in operations research, David Curran (iamreddave on twitter) pointed out that there was a previous effort of having a country run by operations research (or operational research, in this case). Stafford Beer was one of the founding people in British operational research. He […]

INFORMS Needs Writers

I recently had an exchange on twitter on why the OR community is not more effective on using twitter, facebook, and so on to get the story out. People like Laura McLay, Aurelie Thiele, and many others listed on the sidebar do have blogs and many of us twitter and facebook away, but we are […]

Operations Research Key to MBAs

Stacy Blackman, in the blog “Back to B-School”, has a short summary of the ideas of Matthew Stewart, author of The Management Myth, a book highly critical of of the world of MBA education. Since I primarily teach operations research in the Tepper MBA program, I was heartened by Stewart’s views: While Stewart believes that […]