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Algorithmic Voting Theory, Venice, and a Talk on Old/New Papers

I just got back from Venice, where I attended a conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory.  This is a new conference series (optimistically numbered the first conference, implying at least a second) revolving around issues in uncertainty in decision making, preference solicitation, learning and other issues.  From the conference web page: A new unique event aiming […]

Hey Buddy, Can I Sell You an NP Hard Problem?

In keeping with issues of economics and computational power, there is a very neat paper out of Princeton by Arora, Barak, Brunnermeier, and Ge entitled “Computational Complexity and Information Asymmetry in Financial Products“.  Can you embed an NP-hard problem into the pricing problem for a financial instrument?  As the authors point out, the answer is […]

Models, Information, and Market Rationality

I have come across a couple of items recently involving market rationality and the ability of the market to reflect “unknown” information.  The first came in a conversation with my colleague Bryan Routledge.  Harkening back to the Challenger disaster, Bryan mentioned that “the market” quickly determined the company that caused the failure (all this is […]