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{ Monthly Archives } January 2010

Yo Trick! Where’ve you been?

I was annoyed at myself this morning when I realized that January was almost over and I had only 3 blog posts.  Since my goal is 3/week, it is clear that I am getting the year off on the wrong foot.   I could, of course, put in eight or so posts on being too busy […]

Operations Research: Growth Industry!

NPR has a nice graphic for where job growth will occur in the next decade based on US Bureau of Labor Statistics data (the NPR site is much cooler than the graphic above). Now, operations research is a little small to appear as a dot on its own, but if you look at that little […]

Data Mining, Operations Research, and Predicting Murders

John Toczek, who writes the PuzzlOR column for OR/MS Today  (example), has put together a new operations research/data mining challenge in the spirit of, though without the million dollar reward of, the Netflix Prize.  The Analytics X Prize is a  fascinating problem: Current Contest – 2010 – Predicting Homicides in Philadelphia Philadelphia is a city […]

The Magical Places Operations Research Can Take You

Art Benjamin of Harvey Mudd College has an article in this week’s Education Life section of the New York Times where he gives ten mathematical tricks. I first met Art in the late 80s at, I believe, a doctoral colloquium sponsored by ORSA/TIMS (now INFORMS). Art was clearly a star: he won the Nicholson Prize […]