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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

More Operations Research in the News, but not in a Welcome Way

Fabrice Tourre, “the fabulous Fab”, who is at the center of the Goldman Sachs scandal, is a 2001 graduate of Stanford University. That, in itself, is no surprise. Stanford has a top ranked business school that does about as well as the rest of us in graduating ethical MBAs (by that I mean MBAs who […]

Conditional Probability in the New York Times

When you ask a question of the form “What are the chances of X given Y”, your are asking a question of conditional probability. These sorts of questions have come up in this blog before: “What are the chances of cancer given a positive test result?” “What are the chances a monkey prefers blue M&Ms […]

What is Operations Research?

Over on the suddenly active OR-Exchange, David Woods asked the question: What are the best quick definitions describing operations research? The kind that you’d give to someone if you only had the duration of an elevator ride to describe it… David then goes on to answer his question with a fantastic answer: “Operations research is […]

New Optimization Software Version: Gurobi

The INFORMS Practice Meeting has become a good place for optimization software firms to announce their new versions. Gurobi is first off the mark with an announcement of version 3.0. New aspects include better use of multiple cores in the barrier solver and what looks to be significant improvements to the mixed integer programming solver. […]

Follow INFORMS Practice from your Own Home

Sadly, I’m not at INFORMS Practice, but the blog entries and tweets make me feel like I am there (or perhaps they remind me I am not). Lots of interesting things happening and the conference hasn’t even started yet! Coming up shortly: the technology workshops, followed by the Welcome Reception tonight. I’ve got the tweets […]

Not at INFORMS Practice

I will not be at this year’s INFORMS Practice Meeting. I have had to cancel at the last minute due to a family health issue. I really hate missing the meeting: I was an Edelman judge and I really wanted to be part of that process. But some things take precedence. I wish those who […]

Authorship Order

Michael Mitzenmacher, in his excellent blog, My Biased Coin, has recent entries (here, here and here) on the order of authors on joint papers. When you have a last name that begins “Tri…”, it becomes pretty clear early on that alphabetical order is not going to result in a lot of “first author” papers. And […]

NSF Operations Research Position open

The National Science Foundation is looking for a program director for operations research. I wrote about this position the last time it came open, when Robert Smith became director. The NSF is incredibly important to the health of the field of operations research. In addition to the “regular” grant activities (CAREER grants and basic research […]

Doing Good with Good OR, 2010 edition

INFORMS is again sponsoring a student project prize on the theme “Doing Good with Good OR”: Doing Good with Good OR-Student Competition is held each year to identify and honor outstanding projects in the field of operations research and the management sciences conducted by a student or student group that have a significant societal impact. […]