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Whither Data Mining?

The New York Times Magazine this week is a special issue on debt (a topic that has a particular resonance to me:  we are still paying off an expensive, but spectacular, year in New Zealand!).   There is a fascinating article on what credit card companies can learn about you based on your spending.   For instance, […]

Bernie Madoff and Data Visualization

If you are like most people, when you hear of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme ripping off investors to the tune of $50 billion, you might think “Oh those poor investors”, or perhaps “Just the rich ripping off the other rich”.  If you do research in a business school, you might wonder about the institutional controls […]

Visual Display of the Stimulus Package

Further to the $787 billion stimulus package (or 78 NSF Stimulus Package, as I like to call it), my finance colleague Bryan Routledge has done a wordle of the summary of the appropriations bill. Here it is (from There is a lot to like in that picture. Certainly “science”, “research”, “grants” and “billion” go […]

American Express and Data Mining

I teach a data mining course here to our MBA students.  It is a popular course with about 70% of the students taking it at some point during their two years with us.  Since I am an operations research guy, I concentrate on the algorithms, but we spend a lot of time talk on the […]

The Numerati

Stephen Baker of BusinessWeek has just published a book entitled The Numerati, and has a blog related to the book.  The purpose of the book is to look how mathematicians are using data to to profile people in their shopping, voting, and even dating habits. I am not exactly an unbiased reader of the book.  […]

Data Visualization

I have always loved Data Visualization (well, always since my adviser John Bartholdi pointed me to Tufte’s classic “Visual Display of Quantitative Information”). I teach data mining here to our MBAs, and have wanted to include the topic, but never knew what to include. Thanks to Stephen Baker of Business Week and his pointer to […]

Me and Kareem

I teach data mining here at the Tepper School, and one example I use of something that is hard to get computers to do is to recognize faces, a task any 2 month old baby can do reasonably well (at least with regards to mothers). But it seems that has this licked: given a […]