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{ Monthly Archives } April 2006

Great Newsletter

The publishers of OR/MS Today (the membership magazine of INFORMS) have started an online and email newsletter. The first issue contains a large number of short, interesting tidbits from the world of (practical) OR. Feel free to subscribe so it shows up in your mailbox as soon as it is published.

Edelman Competition

This year’s Edelman Competition will take place in a few days at the INFORMS Practice Conference. The Edelman Competition presents projects in practical operations research that have a significant impact on an organization. This year’s finalists include work from Travelocity, the TSA, Warner Robbins Air Logistics, Center and more. I really like the Edelman: the […]

IBM’s Center for Business Optimization

I am in New York to give a talk to IBM’s Center for Business Optimization. Bill Pulleyblank is heading this activity. Bill has had a really interesting career: he started in academia, and did really fundamental work in combinatorial optimization. He then moved to IBM, starting at Watson Research and moving on to doing things […]

Operations Research Job Prospects

Money Magazine and have a ranking of 166 job titles, based on salary and job prospects. I was happy to see “College Professor” as the second best job (good salary, good growth, lots of freedom). Having Operations Research Analyst mired in roughly 120th place (out of 166) was less fun to see. The salary […]

Descriptive versus Prescriptive

Working in a business school (the Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon), many of my colleagues are economists (or “financial economists” as many of my finance colleagues are titled). One of the big hurdles we have in communicating is a differing view of the purpose of models. For many economists, models are used to describe behavior. […]

New MLB Scheduler

Some of you may know that I have been working with Major League Baseball for a number of years on scheduling issues. Finally, in 2005 they played a schedule created by a small firm that I am a partner in. Unfortunately, we got beaten out for the 2006 schedule, as reports. We’ll get them […]

Want to learn more about Constraint Programming?

Thom Frühwirth and Slim Abdennadher have a book called “Essentials of Constraint Programming”. Best of all, Thom has more than 400 powerpoint slides on his website to supplement the book.