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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006

It is great to hear from you but…

It is great to hear from people out there interested in OR, but there are a couple types of email that I don’t like to get. I think lots of faculty have the same peeves. Jeffrey Ullman of Stanford (founder of much of database theory) has a nice page on this, which I will essentially […]

OR and Air Security

Operations research has been getting a lot of press recently due to a study about the effectiveness of “no-fly” lists in preventing terrorism. Long-time researcher of airline safety, Arnie Barnett along with Harvey Mudd professor Susan Martonosi found, using OR models of course, that it is best to screen all passengers, rather than try to […]

Some sightings from INFORMS Pittsburgh

OK, a “real” blogger would have put together a dozen posts from the Pittsburgh INFORMS Meeting. But I guess I am not, since I am just plain exhausted from the meeting and can’t put together any extended words. Suffice it to say, I thought it was terrific. Some glitches naturally (sorry to those who were […]

OR in Numb3rs

Numb3rs tonight had a plotline involving causing blackouts by selectively destroying substations. At one point, the head nerd looks at a pad of paper and says “These are Dantzig-Wolfe Decompositions; network interdiction strategies. That’s pretty high-end stuff.” A closeup of the pad reveals notes that look a lot like the things lots of us in […]

Navigating an INFORMS Meeting

Well, the INFORMS Pittsburgh Meeting is about to begin. The weather looks like it will be fine (no hurricanes like in Miami a few years back!). It is cool tonight (Saturday) but should get a bit warmer for most of the meeting. At the Doctoral Colloquium tonight, INFORMS President Mark Daskin made some good points […]