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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008

NL8 Solved!

Almost 10 years ago, Kelly Easton, George  Nemhauser and I created something called the Traveling Tournament Problem.  The name is George’s:  I wanted to call it the Problem where Teams Play a Round Robin and Travel and Stuff, but George’s name is catchier.  The problem came from work we had done with Major League Baseball […]

Data Visualization

I have always loved Data Visualization (well, always since my adviser John Bartholdi pointed me to Tufte’s classic “Visual Display of Quantitative Information”). I teach data mining here to our MBAs, and have wanted to include the topic, but never knew what to include. Thanks to Stephen Baker of Business Week and his pointer to […]

IFORS 50th

The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) is holding a conference in a few weeks in South Africa. Part of the festivities is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the organization. I am putting together a presentation on the history of IFORS and would very much welcome anything anyone has that might be […]

First computer, now me on the mend

Now that I have the “new” computer working, I have to spend a couple of days on the mend myself:  I had surgery for a hernia on Wednesday.  My plan was to to a “live blog” on the efficiency of hospital operating procedures.  I guess I can tell you that general anesthesia works pretty well, […]

Perhaps the New Machine is Working

If you see this, rather than the previous message “This blog is moving”, this means the blog has moved, and I should be active again!  Please let me ( know of any problems.

Arnoff Lecture

I am just back from Cincinnati, where I gave the 17th E. Leonard Arnoff Memorial Lecture on the Practice of Management Science. When I look at the list of presenters, with my name on it, I am reminded of the Sesame Street tune “One of These Things (Is Not Like the Others)“. I was honored […]

Closing of the Florida International University Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

Florida International University is planning to shut down 17 degree programs, including industrial and systems engineering. I have good feelings for FIU, since my first doctoral graduate took a position there (in the business school; he has long since moved on), but it is shocking that a popular and important degree such as IE would […]