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{ Monthly Archives } October 2008

Interest in ILOG

The “Official Response Document” that ILOG prepared (and posted on their Investor Relations site) responding to IBM’s offer is fascinating reading.  I particularly liked the “Historical Background” (pages 5-10) that begins with IBM’s orginal contacts with ILOG.  From an initial discussion of IBM’s licensing ILOG’s rules software in late 2006, ILOG seemed to quickly come […]

Minimum Democracy

A few weeks ago, I pointed out that Barack Obama (or John McCain) could win the upcoming Presidential Election with a tiny fraction of the popular vote.  I wrote: It is possible to win the election for President of the United States with .00001% of the vote. For instance, suppose only one voter shows up […]

Giving Talks

I am in Auburn Alabama where I just gave a talk to the industrial and systems engineering department on sports scheduling.  I must say that when I left Pittsburgh this morning, I had somewhat mixed feelings.  Of course, I love giving talks, and it is great to go out and see a university I have […]

INFORMS Practice 2009 April 26-28, 2009 Phoenix, AZ USA

CPAIOR Pittsburgh 2009 May 27-31, 2009 Pittsburgh, PA USA

EURO Bonn 2009 July 5-8, 2009

CORS/INFORMS Toronto June 14-17, 2009

New Design

There is now a new design for the page. I wanted to find something that made the “comments” a little more obvious. Further, I think a new design every three years is not too much. I would appreciate your thoughts on this, even if (especially if) you hate it. One other change is that the […]

Healthcare, Baseball, and Operations Research

The New York Times had an op-ed today about health care written by Billy Beane, Newt Gingrich, and John Kerry.  Billy is the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and is the primary subject of the book Moneyball, which looked at how a new look at statistics affects a baseball team’s decisions.  What […]

Happy Birthday to the Blog!

This is the blog’s third birthday!  It has been an exciting year, both personally and in the world of operations research.  Personally, at this time last year, I was in New Zealand, waiting for the weather to warm up and wanting to get back in the water.  Since then, we have returned to the US, […]