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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010

New Year’s Resolutions from Dr. O.R. Field

In a tremendous coup for the blog, I am delighted to present this interview with Dr. Operations Research Field where she sums up the year 2010 and presents her resolutions for the upcoming year. MT: Dr. Field … OR: Please, call me O.R.: all my friends do, though some call me M.S. for some reason.  […]

New Article at the OR Forum

There is a new article at the the OR Forum (part of the journal Operations Research) on High Leverage Interventions: how can operations research have more impact? David Lane of the London School of Economics describes three historical cases and draws some conclusions from them for today’s issues. You can read the paper and the […]

Are You Ready to Lead INFORMS?

INFORMS is looking for a new Executive Director. This is a full-time staff position, unlike the volunteer elected positions like President and the various Vice-Presidencies. This position is one of the most important in our field, and certainly the most important job that does not require a PhD in operations research (though such a degree […]

Operations Research, Sudoko, Rogo, and Puzzles

A few years back, Sudoko became a craze with seemingly everyone spending their time solving these puzzles.  The puzzle is quite simple:  take a nine by nine grid, partially filled in with numbers from one to nine, and complete it so that every row, column, and non-overlapping 3×3 square contains the numbers one through nine […]

The Great Operations Research Blog Challenge

At the recent INFORMS conference, a group of bloggORs (get it?) got together to discuss what sort of common activities we could do.  While we all read each others work, and periodically repost each others work, for the most part we work alone.  That is generally a good idea:  we each have a style to […]