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{ Monthly Archives } October 2011

Can the New York Times Magazine Please Hire a Mathematically Literate Editor?

The New York Times Magazine provides almost inexhaustible fodder for this blog.  Recently I have written about prostates, cell phones, and ketogenic diets, based on articles in the Magazine.  Normally the articles are well researched and provocative.  But sometimes things seem to go a bit haywire in the editing process, and the Magazine lets through stuff that it really […]

Get Money from Google for Operations Research, in Europe anyway

Google seems to be getting the idea that operations research has a lot to add to the company.  This is a long way from the time where I got the following response from a google software engineer at an information systems conference: “Integer programming?  I tried it:  it doesn’t work”.  Oh, really? This change is […]

Benchmarks: Coloring, Sports and Umpires

I have always felt strongly that operations research needs more libraries of instances for various problem classes, along with listings of current best solutions.  By tracking how well we solve problems over time, we can show how we advance as a field.  It also makes it easier to evaluate new work, making both authors and […]

Prostates and Probabilities

After a few years hiatus, I finally got back to seeing a doctor for an annual physical last week.  For a 51-year-old male with a fondness for beer, I am in pretty good shape.  Overweight (but weighing a bit less than six months ago), pretty good blood pressure (123/83), no cholesterol issues, all without the […]