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The Perils of Search Engine Optimization

This blog has been around more than six years, making it ancient in the blogosphere.  And, while not popular like the big-boy blogs (I run about 125,000 hits a year with about 1500 RSS subscribers according to FeedBurner), I think I have a reasonable-sized audience for the specialized topic I cover (operations research, of course!). […]

Social Networks and Operations Research

Until recently, I pretty well had a handle on my use of social networks.   Rather than try to use a single social networking system in multiple ways, I have used different systems in different ways and for different networks. I have a blog, of course, and I use that to pontificate on various aspects of […]

Hello Cousin!

My father has spent time over the last decade collecting pictures and documents related to our family tree.  I greatly appreciate him doing this, and the result is fascinating.  There is no one really famous in my tree, unless you are a follower of (Canadian) prairie socialism, since I think J.S. Woodsworth is in there, […]

So What Correlates with Operations Research?

Google Labs has a new tool called Google Correlate. Google provided some early correlation results during the 2008 flu season when it showed that search count for certain terms (like “flu” presumably) could be used to estimate the prevalence of flu in an area.  This led to Google Flu Trends (it appears that currently only […]

That’s got to be true… doesn’t it?

Back in 1996, Harvey Greenberg, longtime faculty member at the University of Colorado at Denver, began putting together a collection of myths and counterexamples in mathematical programming.  While generally I find mathematical programming to be quite intuitive, there turn out to be lots of things that I think must be true that are not.  Consider […]

Recently on OR-Exchange…

OR-Exchange is a question and answer site on operations research (and analytics).   The concept couldn’t be simpler.  People ask questions about operations research;  people answer questions about operations research.  Kinda like the usenet group sci.op-research without the spam. I put together the site a couple of years ago when stack-exchange made it easy to […]

Algorithmic Pricing

The Twitterverse is giggling over some of the absurd pricing for some used books at Amazon (Panos Ipeirotis and Golan Levin were two  who tweeted on the subject).  There are books at Amazon where the price is in the millions of dollars!  How can such a thing happen? While I love the picture of an […]

INFORMS Sponsorship of OR-Exchange

OR-Exchange has been a question and answer site on operations research in existence for about two years. Over that time, there have been 290 questions, generating more than 1000 answers. You have a question? Chances are there is someone there to answer! Coinciding with the newly revamped INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research […]

The Sexiness of Integer Programming

Suresh Venkatasubramanian, of the excellent Geomblog, is at SODA and covered some preconference conferences. When covering a paper that used integer programming (via CPLEX), his comment was: It’s not the “sexiest” thing in the world to solve algorithms problems in practice by using large industrial strength packages. Oh, he didn’t say that, did he? I […]

First INFORMS Blog Challenge

INFORMS has announced the results of the first Blog Challenge and it is a great success.  Fourteen bloggers had a post on the subject “OR and the Holidays” (including me!).    January’s Challenge moves into current events with the topic “OR and Politics”.  If you post on that subject, be sure to email with the […]