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{ Monthly Archives } June 2006

Off to Iceland!

I leave tomorrow for Iceland for the EURO 2006 conference. Busy time: in addition to the IFORS Administrative Committee Meeting, I am giving a semi-plenary on “The Society of Operations Research” (more on social capital and OR) and introducing Saul Gass as the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer. They expect more than 1700 participants at this conference, […]

Mark Cuban on Operations Research

Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team (and billionaire, having timed the dot-com boom and bust pretty well). He is certainly outspoken, amassing hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines for complaining about referees, opposition, and the league. But he also wants to bring a bit of analysis to the game. […]

Logistics in the Economist

Brian Borchers of New Mexico Tech sent me an alert that the Economist magazine of June 15, 2006 has a number of articles on the changing face of logistics. One article is on eCourier, a London based courier service. The heart of the system is operations research in the form of algorithms for courier scheduling: […]

Emergency care at breaking point

The Institute of Medicine, one of the National Academies, has a series of reports out about the state of emergency medical care in the United States. The report is scathing in its assessment: Despite the lifesaving feats performed every day by emergency departments and ambulance services, the nation’s emergency medical system as a whole is […]

Resource Pointers

I was vexed to see that there was a bug in the software at the INFORMS Resources Page that sprung up in the transition to a new machine at INFORMS Online.  For the past two months, no submission to the system was being logged.  The worst part is that no one seemed to notice! This […]


My apologies for the blog being down today. Software upgrade and all that. Let me know of any problems

Cutting Edge Pittsburgh

For those of you wondering whether Pittsburgh will be interesting enough for this year’s INFORMS Conference, has a posting on Cutting-Edge Pittsburgh. Based on the number of abstracts submitted (more than 3100 to date;  the SF meeting in 2005 ended up with 2877), it certainly seems possible that this conference will be INFORMS’ largest […]

Applications of Optimization with Xpress-MP

There are very few books out about how to model problems in linear and integer programming. Hugh Williams book “Model Building in Mathematical Programming” is one. The documentation that comes with commercial software is another resource. Dash Optimization has made their “Applications of Optimization with Xpress-MP” available for free download. This book goes beyond the […]