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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

Homeland Security at the OR Forum

The OR Forum area of Operations Research has a new paper and commentaries published on the topic “Homeland Security: From Mathematical Models to Policy Implementation”.  The paper is by Larry Wein, with commentaries by Dick Larson, Eva Lee, Nathaniel Hupert (a doctor in public health) and Dave Alderson.  I think it is a very interesting […]

Good Day for the Tepper School

I am not at Mathematical Programming, but fearless blogger Tallys Yunes is, and he reported on the prizes given out yesterday (Tallys is also an example of the excellent students that come out of the Tepper School:  a theme for this post).  The Tepper School (Carnegie Mellon’s business school) did well, with Gérard Cornuéjols (faculty […]

Not at ISMP

The International Symposium on Mathematical Programming of the Mathematical Programming Society occurs every three years, and I generally like to attend them.  They are like INFORMS conferences in size, but have many more talks (and people!) that I want to see.  This year’s ISMP is being held next week in Chicago.  Unfortunately, I won’t be […]

Social Engineering for the Overeducated

I got an interesting email today.  Ostensibly from Prof. Jochem Koos (a good Dutch name) from Elsevier, the email gives editorial and review policies for its journals.  After stating that referees must be of the highest quality, the letter then asks potential editors and reviewers to fill out a form to certify their credentials and […]

Competition then Cooperation: More on the Netflix Challenge

Wired has a nice article on the teams competing to win the Netflix Prize (thanks for the pointer, Matt!).  I think the most interesting aspect is how the “competition” turned into a cooperation: Teams Bellkor (AT&T Research), Big Chaos and Pragmatic Theory combined to form Bellkor’s Pragmatic Chaos, the first team to qualify for the […]

Mittelmann’s Benchmarks CPLEX verus Gurobi

Hans Mittelmann has some new benchmarks comparing CPLEX 12.1 with GUROBI 1.1.2 on various mixed integer linear programming instances (I last wrote on these benchmarks last January with earlier versions of both codes:  be sure to check out the comments from that post since many of those comments apply to this also).  He covers both […]

Bluewashing Complete!

Two things happened to me last week with regards to IBM/ILOG (a topic I have written about quite a bit): I was on a conference call with an ILOG person and I said, jokingly, “Is that XXX from ILOG, an IBM Company?”.  His reply:  “Nope, just XXX from IBM”.  The “ILOG, an IBM Company” phrasing […]

INFORMS Podcasts on Crunching the Numbers

INFORMS (and its Director of Communications, Barry List) has been putting out podcasts on operations research oriented topics every couple of weeks for the past few months.  The title of the series is “Science of Better:  Crunching the Numbers”.  According to the site, this is: A series of podcasts with unexpected insights into the way […]

Data Mining and the Stock Market

As I have mentioned a number of times, I teach data mining to the MBA students here at the Tepper School.  It is a popular course, with something like 60% of our students taking it before graduating.   I offer an operations research view of data mining:  here are the algorithms, here are the assumptions, here […]

EURO Lisbon 2010

EURO XXIV Lisbon Portugal July 11-14, 2010