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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010

Watch the Edelmans!

I have said numerous times that the Edelman Prize presentations and papers are my favorite part of the operations research world.   It is fantastic to see and read about such great work in operations research.  The presentations often feature a Cxx of the firm.  Watching business leaders explain the importance of operations research never gets […]

Become Rich and Famous at INFORMS Online

Well, not rich in the financial sense, but rich in social capital and other rewards. INFORMS is looking for the next editor of INFORMS Online.  I was the founding editor of IOL, with a term from 1995-2000, and it was one of the formative experiences of my life.  I learned a lot about operations research, […]

ALIO/INFORMS Talk on Benders

My talk at the ALIO/INFORMS Conference in Buenos Aires was on combinatorial benders’ approaches to hard problems.  I really think this approach is an important one that is not yet utilized enough.  You can get the talk here (apologies for the powerpoint:  I wanted to convert to beamer but was too latex-stupid to get things […]

Off to Buenos Aires

I am off on Friday to Buenos Aires (via Atlanta)  for the ALIO/INFORMS conference.  I am giving a tutorial Monday on combinatorial Benders’ approaches and am tearing my hair out trying to get a structure to the talk. If anyone else is going down (particularly a fellow blogger), drop me a note:  we can do […]

Correction… Operations Research is Not Taking Over the World, Yet

After trumpeting the glorious news that Japan had an operations research-educated Prime Minister, I suppose I should note that Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is resigning after eight months of rule.  With operations research in his arsenal, perhaps he simply fixed everything in those eight months.  But that does not appear to be the case (according […]

New Use for Abstracts

For a previous post on data mining, I received the following comment from “liseli bakire”: Abstract The purpose of this article is to investigate some managerial insights related to using the all-unit quantity discount policies under various conditions. The models developed here are general treatments that deal with four major issues: (a) one buyer or […]