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Keto Diets and Linear Programming

In today’s New York Times Magazine, there is an article on how a ketogenic (“keto”) diet can be used to control epileptic seizures in kids.  The diet is quite something.  Referring to his son’s diet, the author Fred Vogelstein writes: His breakfast eggs are mixed with heavy cream and served with bacon. A typical lunch […]

Bus Bunching talk at INFORMS

New post at the INFORMS site: “Avoiding Bunches of Buses”: While the INFORMS conference is big enough to stay within a narrow research area, it is also a great place to get inspiration outside your focus.  I hopped in to see a talk given by Don Eisenstein on work he has done with John Bartholdi […]

Watch the Edelmans!

I have said numerous times that the Edelman Prize presentations and papers are my favorite part of the operations research world.   It is fantastic to see and read about such great work in operations research.  The presentations often feature a Cxx of the firm.  Watching business leaders explain the importance of operations research never gets […]

Google Maps API Enhancements

Google just announced some enhancements to their Directions in Maps API.  One addition, “avoiding tolls and highways” doesn’t really affect me much:  we have only one toll road in the area, and it is pretty well needed to go either east or west.  But the other two are exciting! First, the API now adds bicycle […]

INFORMS Practice Tutorials

The INFORMS Practice meeting coming up in Orlando has an extremely impressive set of methodology tutorials planned.  Here is the list: 360i M. Kevin Geraghty, MS, Vice President, Research & Analytics, on “Marketing in Online Social Spaces.” Business Forecast Systems, Inc. Eric A. Stellwagen, BA, CEO & Co-Founder, on “Beyond Time Series Forecasting: Improving Forecasting […]

OR Snow Jobs

In my last post, I was grousing about being snowed in (Carnegie Mellon has been canceled three days and counting) and the need for more operations research in these sorts of situations.  I am pleased to see that my own university is taking up the challenge.  CMU President Jared Cohon has offered the services of […]

Without Operations Research, Gridlock!

In many applications, it can be difficult to measure the effect of an operations research project.  For instance, my colleagues and I provide schedules for Major League Baseball.  What is the value added by the operations research we do?  MLB doesn’t have the time, energy or money to handle multiple schedulers in parallel:  they decided […]

Show Off Your Best Work in Operations Research Practice

I am a huge fan of the Franz  Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences (best work in operations research practice) given by INFORMS.  The applications are uniformly inspiring and the presentations go way, way beyond the norm for our field.  The full papers, published every January in Interfaces, are ones […]

Punk Rock OR Blogger Addresses Aviation Security

Laura McLay, author of Punk Rock Operations Research, has an interesting research paper out on identifying risky airline passengers in order to increase security for them. It is costly (both in money and in passenger inconvenience) to subject everyone to the highest level of screening. So who should be screened, given limited screening resources? Laura […]

Advertising Operational Research (but maybe a few updates are in order?)

The Operational Research Society (the U.K. equivalent of INFORMS) has a website about operational research (the U.K. equivalent of operations research) aimed at students and teachers called Learn about OR. This makes a great adjunct to the INFORMS site, the Science of Better, aimed at business. Lots of good examples and good advice about getting […]