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2009 Edelman Award winner is…

Hewlett Packard, for their product portfolio management systems. As a judge, I don’t want to say anything beyond saying I think the HP team makes an outstanding Edelman Award winner. Congratulations to them and all of the other finalists.

The Edelmans are here!

The January-February 2009 issue of Interfaces is now online, which means the papers from the 2008 Edelmans have now arrived.  My only disappointment is that my “OR Techniques for Consultants” course was moved up 7 weeks, so this year’s students had to make due with last year’s papers. The papers include: The New Dutch Timetable: […]

ACM Fellows and Operations Research

The ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery) has announced 44 new Fellows.  A number of them are well-known in the operations research community (some are just plain well-known:  can it be that Stephen Cook of NP-completeness fame was not a Fellow before now?).  These include: Tuomas Sandholm, Carnegie Mellon.  Tuomas does an amazing number of […]

Doing Good with Good OR

INFORMS is sponsoring a student project competition for projects having significant societal impact.  I know there is a lot of great work going on using OR to do things like route Meals-on-Wheels trucks, site ambulances, improve blood collection practices and so on.  Let’s see what is out there!  Application deadline for the competition has been […]

Balas Honorary Doctorate

My colleague Egon Balas just received an honorary doctorate from the University of Liege. Yves Crama, Director General of the School of Management, introduced Egon with a wonderful and heartfelt introduction. Some excerpts: For more than 40 years, Egon Balas has been one of the pioneers of all major theoretical developments and of the most […]

Netherlands Railway Edelman summary

I just got out of the “reprise” of the winning Edelman prize work by Netherlands Railways, and it was very, very good. If you have been to the Netherlands, they have a very nice way of handling their trains:  every route repeats every hour.  So if you want to go from Utrecht to Amsterdam, there […]

2008 Edelman Prize

Just a quick note that the 2008 Edelman Prize was won by Netherlands Railways. That was not one that I saw today, so I’ll check out their presentation tomorrow and report on it. Congrats to the winners! This is a very competitive prize, and INFORMS does a great job in providing a classy awards ceremony […]

INFORMS Prize 2008

The INFORMS Prize is given to an organization for “effective integration of operations research into organizational decision making”.  It is given to organizations for sustained use of operations research.  The criteria are Variety of Applications of OR Competitive Advantage to the Organization Business Impact Business  Model for Success Endorsements (from top-level management) Overall Quality of […]

Edelman Finalists Announced

The finalists for the 2008 Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences have been announced. The Edelman Awards are a big thing in OR. The prize is given to the best use of operations research in practice. Even getting to be a finalist is a lot of work: this is […]

INFORMS and YouTube videos

INFORMS has some videos on YouTube from the recent Edelman Awards. This is great for the field. The three videos are General OR, and the Edelman Award The 2007 Award (on more efficient ways to attack prostate cancer) A detailed video on the 2006 award (Warner Robbins on repairing planes) So far the videos have […]