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{ Monthly Archives } November 2007

INFORMS Optimization Society 2008 Atlanta, Georgia


Workshop on Mixed Integer Programming August 4-7, 2008 Columbia University, New York, NY

Ratcheted up a logarithm?

I really like the Atlantic magazine. Its articles are well-researched, in-depth, interesting, topical, far-ranging and generally a pleasure to read. It is a sign of my enthusiasm for the magazine that I pay the equivalent of US$15 to buy it here in New Zealand, and I take it to a local cafe/pub overlooking Waiheke (see […]

Operations Research and Voting Systems

Almost 20 years ago, I, along with my co-authors John Bartholdi and Craig Tovey, looked at the social choice (or voting theory) literature through the lens of operations research. Over and over again, we would read “we tried to figure out the winner under this rule, but it got too complicated”, or “we think A […]

Happy Thanksgiving and a couple new additions

First, Happy Thanksgiving to any US readers. Since I am in New Zealand, my staying home on Thursday did not correspond to Thanksgiving but rather a beautiful day keeping me near the beach. Second, I’ve moved all my blog reading over to Google Reader, which allows me to add a couple things to the sidebar. […]

Tom Cooley and the role of business schools

Business school deans, as an occupational norm, tend to write in terms acceptable to a very wide audience. After spending all day listening to students, faculty, and administrators, there is no sense adding wood to the fire by writing with undue specificity. This gets even worse when deans write for their alumni magazine. Forests of […]

Al Roth on Market Design

Al Roth is a professor at Harvard (formerly the University of Pittsburgh: I still go to his house regularly, though he isn’t there anymore) who has done a lot of work in market design. His big success was work in stable matchings, and its application to the matching system between hospitals and medical residents. This […]

Canadian Algorithms, eh?

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s answer to the New York Times, has an article on “algorithms” in their technology section (thanks Dad for the pointer!).  They give a number of very good examples of work being done by Ontario researchers that illustrates the range of application: For example, Dr. Terlaky [director of McMaster University’s School […]

Operations Research and Financial Meltdowns

Aurelie Thiele has a thoughtful post on On Quantitative Finance, inspired by a number of articles on the August melt-down of quant funds. Computational finance has become big business, both in education and on Wall Street. Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School has been a leader in this, in keeping with our history as a […]

ISI and Conferences

ISI from Thompson Scientific might be seen as just another scientific article indexing service, just like Google Scholar, Citeseer and many others. But it has a much stronger effect: many universities only “count” ISI-indexed publications. In mainstream operations research, this doesn’t have a very strong effect. Most well-known OR journals are ISI-indexed, and those that […]