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{ Monthly Archives } October 2005

Gary Lorden at INFORMS

Most of the time, I can recognize the plenary speakers at INFORMS conferences, at least by name. The INFORMS San Francisco (nee New Orleans) conference has a guy named Gary Lorden speaking. Gary Lorden? Who the heck is he? It turns out Gary is the mathematical advisor for the TV show Numb3rs, a crime show […]

OR in Africa

There have been a couple of things I have seen recently highlighting OR in Africa. The first was a presentation by Luk Van Wassenhove on humanitarian logistics (here is an article Luk, David Kaatrud and Ramina Samii wrote about the UN Logistics Centre). While not limited to Africa, that region is certainly a key area. […]

Robust Optimization

Dimitris Bertsimas gave a talk here today on robust optimization. One question he asked was (paraphrasing) “What do you do when reality refuses to match up to the model?”, which I think is a great question. So much of what we do seems to be fragile (think cascading effects of a snowstorm in Chicago stranding […]

Applications of Operations Research

Roger Grinde of the University of New Hampshire put together an excellent blog on Applications of Operations Research. No updates since May. I hope it is a temporary haitus, since it is a great resource.

Silly Operations Researchers

There is a thread on alt.folklore.urban that begins with the classic OR story of looking for places to increase shielding on planes in WWII: analysis of where holes were on planes was somewhat skewed by being limited to those that returned. This then goes on to other analyses: first a researcher concludes, based on prison […]

Recognition for Constraint Programming

From the AAAS: Professor Eugene C. Freuder, the Director of the Cork Constraint Computation Centre in the Computer Science Department of University College Cork has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He is one of only 14 new Fellows elected this year in the Information, Computing, and […]

CORS/Optimization Days 2006

CORS 2006 in Montreal has a very impressive group of invited speakers: – Teodor Gabriel Crainic, École des sciences de la gestion, Université du Québec à Montréal Planning Models for Transportation in the Electronic Age – Egon Balas, Carnegie Mellon (IFORS Distinguished Lecturer) – Jack Edmonds (no web page, but here is a description of […]

October Job Listings

OR/MS Today‘s October issue is one of the big ones for job postings, and it looks like the market is pretty good these days. Lots of jobs both in business schools and in IE Departments. Good schools too: Georgia Tech, Michigan, Duke, Texas A&M, Stanford, SMU, Washington University and the University of Washington (you would […]

INFORMS San Francisco

Due to the hurricane, the INFORMS Meeting in November has been switched from New Orleans to San Francisco. It amazes me that a three thousand person meeting can be switched with such apparent ease. I am chairing the 2006 meeting in Pittsburgh: we have been working and planning on things for 2 years now. The […]

Welcome to the ORB

Welcome to Michael Tricks Operations Research Blog (ORB). At the moment, this is a  blog to see if this is something I want to continue with. With this blog, I plan to chat about happenings in the world of Operations Research. A few words about me: I am a past President of INFORMS (The Institute […]