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{ Monthly Archives } December 2007

Wonderful OR Video, which bills itself as “the go-to place for management” has a wonderful video on operations research, with Vijay Mehrotra from San Francisco State University. Vijay writes the ever-fascinating “Was it Something I Said” column in OR/MS Today, and his site has all his past columns. In the video, Vijay gives three reasons why OR […]

Operations Research and Fantasy Football

After a very successful year, my fantasy football teams are crashing and burning in the playoffs.  For those who do not know fantasy sports, fantasy football involves a group (8-12 people) drafting NFL players at the beginning of a season.  Each week, my team gets points based on the success (or lack thereof) of the […]

Crack, Cocaine and Operations Research

It might not be the most “Christmas-y” posting, but Al Blumstein of Carnegie Mellon (whose work I have discussed before) is quoted in the AP news coverage of the sentencing guidelines for crack versus powder cocaine.  In particular, he talks about the violence that crack created: When crack first became popular, there was an increase […]

OR in Popular Mechanics

When I was a kid, I loved the magazine Popular Mechanics.  In addition to articles on futuristic cars and planes, they always had articles on how things worked, and I seem to recall mechanically oriented projects that were always just outside my abilities.  As time went on, I realized that my mechanical abilities were limited […]

Out of touch for a few days

It is time for us to return from our year in New Zealand.  If you want to see a few hundred pictures of our year, you can check out our New Zealand blog. We are now deep into shipping and packing.  In a fit of insanity, we decided to stop off at Disneyland for a […]


I was at the OR Society of New Zealand conference last week, and failed to blog it.  I am so ashamed!  You can check out some pictures and other information about the conference at its site.  I was one of the speakers, so you can see me in action. A highlight of the conference for […]

Natashia Boland and Open Pit Mining

I am attending the Australian Society for Operational Research meeting in Melbourne.  I had thought Australia always had wonderful weather, but it is a gray, rainy day here. The conference was opened with a talk by Natashia Boland, currently at the University of Melbourne (but I hear she is moving) who spoke on her experiences […]