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{ Monthly Archives } January 2008

Dice, Games, and ORStat

Last year, I received a paper from Prof. Henk Tijms of the Vrije University Amsterdam on using stochastic dynamic programming to analyze some simple dice games (pdf version available). A few years ago, I tried to do something similar with an analysis of a game I called Flip, but which is more commonly known as […]

Operations Research to Decide the Election?

Brian Borchers wrote me to comment on an article in the New York Times on how the US primaries are moving into a phase characterized by complicated resource allocation problems.  Up until now, it was easy:  candidates could spend their time in Iowa and New Hampshire (then Nevada and South Carolina) and not feel overstretched.   […]

Simulation and the NHL playoffs

Growing up in Winnipeg, Canada (city motto: “At least it is a dry cold”), I had a short and rather forgettable hockey career (though getting a shutout as a goalie at 12 years old remains one of my favorite memories). I have been greatly outdone by my nephew Mathieu, who actually looks like he knows […]

Dash Optimization is acquired by Fair Isaac

Dash Optimization, makers of Xpress-MP (one of the two leading linear and integer programming solvers, along with ILOG’s CPLEX), has been acquired by Fair Isaac. Fair Isaac is an anaytical application company, known best for their credit rating systems (they do the FICO scores that companies use to determine whether to extend credit). This is […]

IFORS 2008: Time to get your abstracts in!

I just posted this in sci.op-research and comp.constraints There is still time to get your abstracts in for IFORS 2008. IFORS (International Federation of Operational Research Societies) is an umbrella organization for national OR societies. Every three years, IFORS holds a conference. Recent past conferences have been in Edinburgh and Hawaii. In 2008, the conference […]

Passing of Rick Rosenthal

Update Jan 10. A webcast celebrating Rick’s life will be available live starting at 1:30PM PT on January 10. This is a post I had hoped to not make. Rick Rosenthal of the Naval Postgraduate School has passed away following a long, courageous, and inspiring fight with cancer. In my list of those I admire […]

End of INFORMS Resources Page?

In 1994 I began collecting links about operations research on the internet.  Of course, it was pretty easy at the time.  There were only about 1000 web servers at all, so there were just a handful of OR links.  But there was also gopher and ftp, so I could put together a pretty good page […]