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{ Monthly Archives } March 2008

Faculty Positions Down Under

Natashia Boland recently noted that I was the “very first to publicise” the fact that she was leaving the University of Melbourne to take up a Professorship at the University of Newcastle in Australia. I think that phrasing is her polite way of saying I jumped the gun in posting that she was leaving. To […]

Disaster in the making, and averted

According to the New York Times, I am unlikely to be a successful researcher in my chosen field of operations research. The reason? No, not due to an insufficient mathematical grounding, or a fuzzy understanding of methods of symmetry breaking for integer programs, but rather due to a social effect: I like to drink beer. […]

P.G. Wodehouse approach to Modeling?

P.G. Wodehouse, creator of Bertie and Jeeves, Psmith, and countless other characters reeking of prewar (WWI, not Iraq) England, is one of my favorite authors (my favorite being Patrick O’Brian). When I am sick or down, or simply at loose ends, I love to get out one of my Wodehouse books and get lost in […]

The Fastest Traveling Salesman Solution

xkcd has a different take on solving the Traveling Salesman Problem. Perhaps no travel is necessary! Next: the n-salesman solution to the n-point TSP.

Green Supply Chains

Environmental modeling has been an increasingly active area of OR over the past few years (see the greenOR blog for many examples). As companies strive to do good, either for economic or other reasons, they are thinking more about environmental impact in all that they do. ILOG has just announced a “Carbon Footprint” extension to […]

NSF Program Director Position Open

Stephen Nash’s term as Program Director for Operations Research at the National Science Foundation is coming to an end. The position is announced here, with a target date of looking at applications of April 1. The “Engineering Design” position is also open. I think this position is a very interesting one. The responsibilities (from the […]

Death of David Gale

David Gale of Berkeley has died at the age of 86.  Though best known as an economist, he did a lot of work in operations research, winning the von Neumann Award (fundamental contribution to theory) and being named one of the inaugural INFORMS Fellows.

More on the NCAA Tournament

Punk Rock Operations Research has a great post on OR methods for choosing your bracket. Check it out!

Use OR for your NCAA Picks

Joel Sokol and his LRMC method have made their picks for this year’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament. Joel’s method is based on work he did with Paul Kvam on a “Logistic Regression/Markov Chain Model for NCAA Basketball” published in Naval Research Logistics. This approach agrees in part with the NCAA selectors in that the predicted […]

More do OR and make money!

Francisco Marco-Serrano, author of the fmwaves blog pointed out another contest to determine a recommender system.  Unlike the Netfix contest, which might not end up with a winner, the MyStrands contest appears to guarantee $100,000, and all that is needed is an idea.  Again, this seems like a good opportunity for those in OR to […]