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{ Monthly Archives } April 2008

Citations in Management Science and Operations Research

The Tepper School, in its promotion and tenure cases, has had more conversation about (if not emphasis on) citation counts for papers. This is partially a “Google Scholar” effect: the easier it is to find some data, the more people will rely on that data. Those of us who bring notebook computers to the tenure […]

Knuth and Multicore Systems

Donald Knuth has been publishing “fascicles” from his Volume 4 (Combinatorial Algorithms) of his epic The Art of Computer Programming. These are shortish (100-150 page) sub-chapters of a work on an area that expands faster than Don can write. You can download some of the preliminary versions on Knuth’s page to get the flavor. Knuth […]

Pulleyblank Lecture at Georgia Tech

Bill Pulleyblank, Vice President, Center for Business Optimization, IBM (I have written about CBO before) gave a talk at Georgia Tech on April 17.   The title was “Computing, Business, and Operations Research: The Next Challenges”.  Here is the abstract:  There have been two consistent drivers over the last sixty years of the evolution of computing: […]

OR Forum on SWOT for Operations Research

There is a new paper in the OR Forum area of the journal Operations Research. Written by ManMohan Sodhi and Chris Tang, it is entitled “The OR/MS Ecosystem: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats” and analyzes the state of the field, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between academia and practice. Check out the paper […]

ROADEF Challenge

The French OR society ROADEF runs a challenge every two years. This year’s challenge (actually the 2009 challenge) is on an interesting and important topic: flight disruption. —————————————————————– Subject of the challenge 2009: Disruption Management for commercial aviation —————————————————————– Commercial airlines operate flights according to a published flight schedule that is optimized from a revenue […]

Internet and Operations Research

MIT is holding a conference on Operations Research and the Internet at the end of May, and it looks excellent! They have some very smart people, like David Williamson of Cornell and Meredith Goldsmith of Google, speaking and their topics look very much like strong operations research: no fluff! Here is Williamson’s abstract to give […]

Balas Honorary Doctorate

My colleague Egon Balas just received an honorary doctorate from the University of Liege. Yves Crama, Director General of the School of Management, introduced Egon with a wonderful and heartfelt introduction. Some excerpts: For more than 40 years, Egon Balas has been one of the pioneers of all major theoretical developments and of the most […]

Final Comments on Practice Meeting

I had to leave the INFORMS Practice Meeting Tuesday morning since I had to get back to do some teaching (it wasn’t a successful class: I can’t drive for four hours then teach!). So just a few final comments: Brady Hunsaker gave a nice introduction to Open Source for OR, and attracted a good crowd […]

Netherlands Railway Edelman summary

I just got out of the “reprise” of the winning Edelman prize work by Netherlands Railways, and it was very, very good. If you have been to the Netherlands, they have a very nice way of handling their trains:  every route repeats every hour.  So if you want to go from Utrecht to Amsterdam, there […]

2008 Edelman Prize

Just a quick note that the 2008 Edelman Prize was won by Netherlands Railways. That was not one that I saw today, so I’ll check out their presentation tomorrow and report on it. Congrats to the winners! This is a very competitive prize, and INFORMS does a great job in providing a classy awards ceremony […]