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INFORMS Fellows Luncheon

From the INFORMS Blog: I just got back from the Fellows Luncheon.  The INFORMS Fellows are recognized for having made significant contributions to the field of operations research and the management sciences (be it in research, practice, service, administration, or education).  It is an extremely impressive group, and I very much enjoy the lunch, since […]

The True Measure of a Person’s Real Worth

Inspired by Jon Cryer‘s comments on (finally) winning an Emmy last night: You know, I used to think that awards were just shallow tokens of momentary popularity but — I realize they are the only true measure of person’s real worth as a human being. I thought I would ‘fess up about an award or […]

Not at ISMP

The International Symposium on Mathematical Programming of the Mathematical Programming Society occurs every three years, and I generally like to attend them.  They are like INFORMS conferences in size, but have many more talks (and people!) that I want to see.  This year’s ISMP is being held next week in Chicago.  Unfortunately, I won’t be […]

Time for Baseball

The baseball season started a few minutes ago with Atlanta playing Philadelphia.  I’ve been working with Major League Baseball for more than a dozen years, and my (along with partners, of course) company, The Sports Scheduling Group, produces the schedules for MLB (our chief scheduler Kelly Easton does all the hard work, but I do […]

Check out ILOG’s DIALOG blog!

I am in Minneapolis, flying back to Pittsburgh after spending a couple days in Winnipeg for a memorial service for my Mom.  My Mom’s passing has a number of effects, large and small.  On the large side, my son Alexander has lost both his gradmothers in the past six months, which makes me sad:  every […]

Over- versus Under-Planning

My wife and I have been arguing recently about my family’s tendancy to over-plan.  The Trick way does tend to have plans with lots of contingencies, which perhaps a reason operations research appeals to me.  The Weyers (my wife Ilona’s surname) approach is a little more … take it as things come. The Think-OR blog […]

Larry Wein on Post Traumatic Stress

I missed Larry Wein’s op-ed in the New York Times on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), so thanks to Güzin Bayraksan for pointing it out in her blog.  Entitled “Counting the Walking Wounded”, the piece argues that the number of soldiers expected to get PTSD is quite a bit higher than previous estimates (which were in […]

Merry Christmas all!

For those who celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas to you.  Have an optimal holiday! Some unexpected travel filled the month so far, but I’ll be back to posting on the operations research world in the next few days.

Solving real problems in Norway and Ireland

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Europe and visited two different (yet similar) research groups. The first was in Oslo, Norway, where I visited the applied math group at SINTEF. I think the best US analogy to SINTEF is the RAND Corporation, a name with cold-war connotations, but still very active in providing […]

Giving Talks

I am in Auburn Alabama where I just gave a talk to the industrial and systems engineering department on sports scheduling.  I must say that when I left Pittsburgh this morning, I had somewhat mixed feelings.  Of course, I love giving talks, and it is great to go out and see a university I have […]