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Continuing to be impressed with the 28 year old me

In the wake of coming across my network and matching notes, where the 28 year old me taught the 50 year old me some things I never realized I knew, in a way that leaves (the 50 year old) me breathless (at least about the amount of time the 28 year old me had), I […]

Yet More Tag Clouds

@polybot on twitter pointed to the Tagxedo site, a site that creates displays of words, kinda like Wordle.  There are a zillion choices (and even a presentation on 101 things you can do with Tagxedo).  Here are a few I generated while Alexander did homework and I watched football on a rainy Sunday. What is […]

ALIO/INFORMS Talk on Benders

My talk at the ALIO/INFORMS Conference in Buenos Aires was on combinatorial benders’ approaches to hard problems.  I really think this approach is an important one that is not yet utilized enough.  You can get the talk here (apologies for the powerpoint:  I wanted to convert to beamer but was too latex-stupid to get things […]

Off to Buenos Aires

I am off on Friday to Buenos Aires (via Atlanta)  for the ALIO/INFORMS conference.  I am giving a tutorial Monday on combinatorial Benders’ approaches and am tearing my hair out trying to get a structure to the talk. If anyone else is going down (particularly a fellow blogger), drop me a note:  we can do […]

Martin Gardner has Passed Away

Martin Gardner has passed away.  I know I am not the only person in operations research who was inspired by Gardner’s Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American.  I have a strong memory of whiling away long high school physics classes reading Gardner’s columns (and thankful that patient and insightful physics teacher had a stack of […]

Not at INFORMS Practice

I will not be at this year’s INFORMS Practice Meeting. I have had to cancel at the last minute due to a family health issue. I really hate missing the meeting: I was an Edelman judge and I really wanted to be part of that process. But some things take precedence. I wish those who […]

Google Maps API Enhancements

Google just announced some enhancements to their Directions in Maps API.  One addition, “avoiding tolls and highways” doesn’t really affect me much:  we have only one toll road in the area, and it is pretty well needed to go either east or west.  But the other two are exciting! First, the API now adds bicycle […]

Yo Trick! Where’ve you been?

I was annoyed at myself this morning when I realized that January was almost over and I had only 3 blog posts.  Since my goal is 3/week, it is clear that I am getting the year off on the wrong foot.   I could, of course, put in eight or so posts on being too busy […]

DIMACS Talk on the Importance of Challenges

I gave a talk at DIMACS on the importance of DIMACS Challenges. In short, we need the Challenges because it is important for the advancement of the field of computational optimization.  You are welcome to see the slides here.

Algorithmic Voting Theory, Venice, and a Talk on Old/New Papers

I just got back from Venice, where I attended a conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory.  This is a new conference series (optimistically numbered the first conference, implying at least a second) revolving around issues in uncertainty in decision making, preference solicitation, learning and other issues.  From the conference web page: A new unique event aiming […]