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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

UPS, OR, and US News and World Report

US News and World Report has an article in their July 31 issue on how UPS uses technology to better handle packages. In the hypercompetitive world of package delivery, the need to use OR to create efficiencies is very strong. Perhaps no industry has more effectively embraced the power of digital technology to modernize operations–even […]

Bird flu Logistics

J. Michael Steele has a blog on “Bird Flu Economics”, looking at economic aspects of an avian inluenza pandemic. His blog provides a welcome dose of reality in the arguments about effect and appropriate response to the avian flu. A recent post of his points out how little logistics (read OR) planning has been done […]

More OR in the New York Times

There is more OR in the New York Times, not that they would mention our field by name. There is an article today about new air-taxi services. There are a number of new airplanes in the lightweight group (under 10,000 pounds) able to carry 4 passengers or so. This is leading a number of companies […]

Open Source and Optimization

I am attending a conference at DIMACS on COIN-OR, which is an activity to encourage and support open source development in operations research. At the moment, most of COIN-OR revolves around linear and integer programming codes, but there are efforts in nonlinear programming, metaheuristics, and other areas. COIN-OR addresses one of my pet peeves about […]

Looking for Another Editor!

I am on the search committee to find Matt Saltzman’s successor as Editor-in-Chief of INFORMS Online. I was the first such editor, then Matt took over for the last six years. It was great being the first editor (1995-2000): there was so much to do that anything we did was better than what we had. […]

Looking for an Editor

International Transactions of Operational Research is looking its next editor. I chair the search committee. We just did a review of the journal, and I think it offers an interesting opportunity to the right person. The key is trying to make the journal not just a “me-too” journal, taking the rejects from higher-ranked journals. The […]

Large Storage Research

Gene Cooperman of Northeastern University received an NSF grant in order to put together a system that can store 10-20 TB of data, as reported by Computerworld. This grant is getting some press since one application he talks about is storing configurations of a Rubik’s Cube. From the Computerworld article: Cooperman, director of the Institute […]

Poker and Airline Scheduling

There is a nice post on the Math and Poker blog on the importance of identifying key variables and the flexibility that is available for many decisions in a process. The example begins with a standard critical-path type scheduling example, making the point that jobs not on the critical path have some flexibility. This point […]

EURO and the Society of Operations Research

I am about to give a talk at the EURO meeting on the Society of Operations Research. This is an expanded version of a social capital and OR talk I have been giving over the last few years. About half the material is new. Here is the powerpoint for those interested.

EURO Gold Medal Winner

The winner of this year’s EURO Gold Medel is Luk Van Wassenhove. Luk is having an amazing career, and I am delighted in this award to him. In my previous incarnation as President of the Carnegie Bosch Institute, I was able to support some of his work in full cycle logistics and he was a […]