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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

Word from ILOG on CPLEX

John Gregory, ILOG CPLEX Product Manager, posted this on sci.op-research: The July 28 announcement of the agreement by IBM and ILOG was a surprise to all but a few key members of the two companies. It will take literally months, not days, before this transaction will be completed. Until then an arm’s-length relationship must continue […]

More on IBM/ILOG

Lots of activity on the IBM purchase of ILOG, with most concentrating on the business rules aspect, which seems to be a driving force. A reader, in a comment, pointed to an article from InternetNews, quoting IBM’s Sandy Carter, VP of SOA (see: Ratliff was right. SOA is important!). Here is what Sandy says about […]

IBM to acquire ILOG

News from IBM: they are set to acquire ILOG. Among other things, ILOG makes CPLEX, one of the best linear and integer programming codes out there. Together with the previous purchase of Dash by Fair-Isaac, this means much of the operations research software world has changed hands in the last few months. It is interesting […]

Passing of Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon professor whose “Last Lecture” led to a book and world-wide attention, passed away today from pancreatic cancer. From a message from Jared Cohon, President of CMU: Randy captured the minds and hearts of millions worldwide with his Carnegie Mellon lecture, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” and his book, “The Last […]

Don Ratliff at IFORS

So what happened to my “live blogging” at IFORS 2008? Well, unfortunately I had an administrative role at the conference (nothing like the real work of Hans Ittmann and John Bartholdi, but a role none-the-less) and that took time. And I am always a believer in the “social networking” aspects (read: hanging out at the […]

Opening Session at IFORS

After a somewhat rocky start (an electricity substation in Joburg failed, resulting in large traffic delays, so the student assistants were late so the rooms didn’t have computers on time), the IFORS conference officially opened with a fantastic opening session. Of course, I am biased, since I am on the IFORS board with responsibility for […]

In South Africa

I’ve arrived in South Africa (Sandton) and am ready for the IFORS conference. I’ll try to do some posting along the way so that all you poor people who couldn’t make it here will at least have a glimpse of what is going on. First up: a day of IFORS Executive Meetings! That should put […]

Who Knows Where Operations Research Will Lead You?

One of the nice aspects of working in operations research is that you can end up working in practically any field. I know a lot about the United States Postal Service, Major League Baseball, auction design, voting systems, and many other areas because that is where my research and reading in operations research took me. […]

Operations Management Blog

Gerard Cachon, who I overlapped with in New Zealand, along with Christian Terwiesch have started a blog on operations management issues.  They get to the heart of the issue in naming the blog “Matching Supply with Demand” which is about as good a tag line as I have seen for operations management (it is also […]