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{ Monthly Archives } February 2010

Final Olympic Results: Canada owns 45.25% of the Podium

Further to yesterday’s entry, we can now determine exactly how much of the podium Canada owns.  To determine the “winner” of the Olympics, you need to determine the relative values of gold, silver, and bronze medals (with the assumption that non-medalers do not count, which is arguably false, but necessary in order to stop me […]

Canada owns 40% of the Olympic podium

In this year’s Olympics, much has been made of the Canadian efforts to “own the podium“.  Canada has spent $118 million in training its athletes, far more than the US has spent ($55 million over four years).  Since it seems that, despite a late rush, the Canadian goal of winning more medals than any other […]

OPT-Art takes first place

My friend and co-author Bob Bosch was awarded First Prize in the Mathematical Art Exhibition held by the American Mathematical Society. This work was based on the Traveling Salesman Problem: He describes his work in the exhibition catalog: “I began by converting a drawing of a two-component link into a symmetric collection of points. By […]

Operations Rules the National Academy of Engineering!

I see from Anna Nagurney’s blog that three operations research people have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering: This group includes INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) members: Dr. Cynthia Barnhart, the Associate Dean of Engineering at MIT, Dr. Hau Lee, of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the […]

Free IBM/ILOG Software…

… if you are an academic. As part of the “blue-washing” of ILOG, the academic licensing system for IBM’s OPL Studio, constraint programming system, and CPLEX has changed to become part of IBM’s Academic Initiative Program.  Here is the full announcement: Effective February 15, 2010, IBM is offering no-charge full-version ILOG Optimization products via IBM’s […]

INFORMS Practice Tutorials

The INFORMS Practice meeting coming up in Orlando has an extremely impressive set of methodology tutorials planned.  Here is the list: 360i M. Kevin Geraghty, MS, Vice President, Research & Analytics, on “Marketing in Online Social Spaces.” Business Forecast Systems, Inc. Eric A. Stellwagen, BA, CEO & Co-Founder, on “Beyond Time Series Forecasting: Improving Forecasting […]

OR Snow Jobs

In my last post, I was grousing about being snowed in (Carnegie Mellon has been canceled three days and counting) and the need for more operations research in these sorts of situations.  I am pleased to see that my own university is taking up the challenge.  CMU President Jared Cohon has offered the services of […]

Reading Material While Snowed In

We had a record (21 inch) snowfall on Friday night, if you consider the 4th biggest snowfall of all time (since the 1860s) a record.  Since then, our city seems to be trying to turn this into our own little Katrina, showing very little planning or execution in getting the city back in working order.  […]

Make Amazon work Better

… if you are qualified, that is. I don’t normally post job ads on the blog:  there are other outlets for that.   But I have a few reasons for posting this one: I have always been interested in the operations research issues that Amazon faces.  How can they get so much stuff to me […]

What Panels would you Like to See?

The organizers at this Fall’s INFORMS Meeting (theme of the conference: “Willie, Lance, and Optimizing the Music Scene in Austin”) have asked me to organize a series of panel discussions (or other “not four papers, each of 22.5 minutes” form) on topics of interest.  These panels should not be on technical topics but rather on […]