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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

Everyone Needs to Know Some Statistics Part n+1

I have previously written on how decision makers (and journalists) need to know some elementary probability and statistics to prevent them from making horrendously terrible decisions.  Coincidentally, Twitter’s @ORatWork (John Poppelaars) has provided a pointer to an excellent example of how easily organizations can get messed up on some very simple things. As reported by […]

Continuing to be impressed with the 28 year old me

In the wake of coming across my network and matching notes, where the 28 year old me taught the 50 year old me some things I never realized I knew, in a way that leaves (the 50 year old) me breathless (at least about the amount of time the 28 year old me had), I […]

Keto Diets and Linear Programming

In today’s New York Times Magazine, there is an article on how a ketogenic (“keto”) diet can be used to control epileptic seizures in kids.  The diet is quite something.  Referring to his son’s diet, the author Fred Vogelstein writes: His breakfast eggs are mixed with heavy cream and served with bacon. A typical lunch […]

Yet More Tag Clouds

@polybot on twitter pointed to the Tagxedo site, a site that creates displays of words, kinda like Wordle.  There are a zillion choices (and even a presentation on 101 things you can do with Tagxedo).  Here are a few I generated while Alexander did homework and I watched football on a rainy Sunday. What is […]

Some Older but Perhaps Useful Notes on Networks and Matchings

More than 20 years ago, I was a postdoc at the Institut für Ökonometrie und Operations Research at the University of Bonn, an Institute headed by Prof. Bernhard Korte (who now heads Bonn’s Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics).  It was a fantastic year.  Also visiting that year were people like Bill Cunningham, Bill Cook, Andras […]

Entry on “INFORMS TweetUp”

I posted on the INFORMS blog about the “INFORMS TweetUP”: There are lots of ways to get out information on the INFORMS conference.  This blog is one of them, and it has been great to see the variety of views of the conference.  Of course, with more than 4300 participants, there will be lots of […]

Bus Bunching talk at INFORMS

New post at the INFORMS site: “Avoiding Bunches of Buses”: While the INFORMS conference is big enough to stay within a narrow research area, it is also a great place to get inspiration outside your focus.  I hopped in to see a talk given by Don Eisenstein on work he has done with John Bartholdi […]

INFORMS Blog entry on “Overbooking, Revenue Management, and Data Mining”

I have an entry over on the INFORMS blog regarding overbooking of hotels.  Here it is, though I recommend following the INFORMS blog for the next few days: Fellow blogger Guillaume Roels wrote that the hotel he reserved overbooked, so he has been exiled to a remote location and he bemoaned the lack of customer […]

Time for another INFORMS Conference

It is that time of the year again:  it is the Annual INFORMS Conference, being held for the first time in Austin, Texas.  Should be a fun time, and it is certainly warmer there than it is here in Pittsburgh. INFORMS has a conference blog going, so I’ll be posting there for a bit (with […]