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Follow INFORMS Practice from your Own Home

Sadly, I’m not at INFORMS Practice, but the blog entries and tweets make me feel like I am there (or perhaps they remind me I am not). Lots of interesting things happening and the conference hasn’t even started yet! Coming up shortly: the technology workshops, followed by the Welcome Reception tonight. I’ve got the tweets […]

Nurse, Nurse! Where’s my Nurse?

I am a sucker for competitions.  The people at PATAT (a conference series Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling; I was co-chair for their 2004 conference, and a member of their steering committee for a few years) do a really good job at timetabling competitions.  I really liked their competition for the 2008 conference on […]

INFORMS Practice Tutorials

The INFORMS Practice meeting coming up in Orlando has an extremely impressive set of methodology tutorials planned.  Here is the list: 360i M. Kevin Geraghty, MS, Vice President, Research & Analytics, on “Marketing in Online Social Spaces.” Business Forecast Systems, Inc. Eric A. Stellwagen, BA, CEO & Co-Founder, on “Beyond Time Series Forecasting: Improving Forecasting […]

What Panels would you Like to See?

The organizers at this Fall’s INFORMS Meeting (theme of the conference: “Willie, Lance, and Optimizing the Music Scene in Austin”) have asked me to organize a series of panel discussions (or other “not four papers, each of 22.5 minutes” form) on topics of interest.  These panels should not be on technical topics but rather on […]

Algorithmic Voting Theory, Venice, and a Talk on Old/New Papers

I just got back from Venice, where I attended a conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory.  This is a new conference series (optimistically numbered the first conference, implying at least a second) revolving around issues in uncertainty in decision making, preference solicitation, learning and other issues.  From the conference web page: A new unique event aiming […]

Modeling as a Teachable Skill

New post on the INFORMS Blog on a panel discussion I attended on how to teach modeling: I just attended a nice “panel discussion” on Teaching the Art of Modeling, put together by Jim Orlin (MIT), Stephen Powell and Rob Shumsky (both from Dartmouth).  This was not your normal INFORMS session!  The panelists decided to […]

Moving on to San Diego (both my blog and I)

I’ll be guest blogging at the INFORMS Conference in San Diego, so I’ll be posting over there for the next few days. There are 12 guest bloggers, so the conference should get some pretty good coverage.  I’ve got a news feed on my main page sidebar trying to track the blog, twitter feed, hash tags, […]

Not at ISMP

The International Symposium on Mathematical Programming of the Mathematical Programming Society occurs every three years, and I generally like to attend them.  They are like INFORMS conferences in size, but have many more talks (and people!) that I want to see.  This year’s ISMP is being held next week in Chicago.  Unfortunately, I won’t be […]

IFORS Distinguished Lecturer Christos Papadimitriou

Christos Papadimitriou of UC Berkeley was the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer at the EURO Meeting yesterday (in the fuzzy picture, he is getting his award from IFORS President Elise del Rosario), and gave a very fine lecture on “Computing Equilibria” (and Sex, though that was not in the formal title).   The starting point for his lecture […]

EURO Gold Medal

I am in Bonn, Germany for the EURO Conference. Tons of people here (2200+) but the organizers seem to be coping very well. Last night was a nice reception in a beer garden nearby. It has been a long time since I was at a conference with unlimited free beers. This morning was a little […]