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{ Monthly Archives } May 2007

Major League Baseball Scheduling

Peter Theis and Jeremy Hastings, MBA students at my home base, the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon, have independently reminded me that I have been getting some press about the baseball schedule that I should be pointing to. Not all of it has been positive, but most of it talks about how difficult […]

And another OR Blog

I realize have have neglected pointing to one of the oldest OR blogs, “FM Waves” by Francesco Marco-Serrano, which started in February 2005. With the subtitle of “The dark side of an operations researcher. Or how operations research can be a funny subject. Wanna join me?”, this is an eclectic, wide-ranging blog. Fracesco has taken […]

Laura McLay Blog

Looks like we are getting a few more operations research blogs. Laura McLay of Virginia Commonwealth has a “Punk Rock Operations Research” blog. I particularly like her post on “Humanitarian Logistics“, based on the work of Dave Goldsman of Georgia Tech. Here is an excerpt: The talk summarized some of Dr. Goldman’s experiences in applying […]

American Idol Voting is Flawed

Just to prove that operations research is relevant everywhere, Ed Kaplan of Yale University has pointed out a fundamental flaw in the voting process for American Idol. It appears that lots of people get busy signals when trying to vote for “their” idol. This may appear to be simply a frustration but actually gets to […]

Sloan-Kettering wins 2007 Edelman Award

The Franz Edelman award is the most prestigious award for the practice of operations research, and each year’s competition is hotly contested. Nominees need to spend significant time preparing their presentations and almost all of them end up involving CEOs or other top executives in the firm. This year, the winner of the Edelman Award […]

Conference Listing Software

One of the things I did with INFORMS Online was put in a system for conference listings.  The system began with some commercial software but I ended up modifying it so much that it is almost unrecognizable.  The system has been very successful (a few hundred OR/MS conferences get added every year, and the upkeep […]